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Monday, October 21 2013

5 "must try" Croatian products that will also make a great souvenir

Lavender and lavender products, great bottle of wine, organic honey, souvenirs with motives and pictures of your favorite beach or town on Adriatic coast are all great permanent reminders of perfect holiday in Croatia. 
But how about you take a real piece of Croatian lifestyle and share it with your loved ones while going through your vacation photos?  I am bringing you some of  „must try“ Croatian products that you will find in almost every Croatian household and a little story behind it.
The secret to good souvenir buying is to capture a moment in time, to find an item that captures the feeling of being in wherever it is you are.

TRADITIONAL CROATIAN COFFEE Our morning cup of Joe is prepared by boiling finely grounded coffee in the water that is heated up to 85 - 95 ° C. Adding sugar is recommended immediately while boiling the water. Prepared beverage is a darker color and it is recommended to have a foam. Families will typically offer this kind of coffee to friends and visitors at any time of a day. 

      LINOLADA Forget about Nutella! This one is a child of Yugoslavian „Eurocrem“ but dare I say it- even better! Either on bread or in crepes, but mostly just plain with spoon – a perfect sugar kick for any situation!


KARLOVAČKO, OŽUJSKO We really have great beer according to your reviews and our taste buds. I had to name two of most popular brands with a friendly advice- while on the seaside, particularly in Dalmatia, locals will order Karlovačko. Up north, around Zagreb, Ožujsko is in order.

 BAJADERA This is something to bring back home to your loved ones as a perfect, sweet present. Bajadera is the queen of chocolates, fine nougat blended with almonds which gives a unique, recognizable flavor and it is the first Croatian confectionery product to be granted the “Croatian Creation” label.

KRAVATA (tie) Tie is considered an original Croatian product, spread by Europe in the 17th century at the time of the Thirty Years' War when Croatian mercenaries from the Croatian Military Frontier in French service, wearing their traditional small, knotted neckerchiefs, aroused the interest of the Parisians. Vist one of the “CROATA” stores to get a real deal and pick one for your business partner or a family member.

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