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Monday, August 13 2018

SKYDIVING: Experienced firsthand by our Head Concierge!

Experience Hvar skydiving at its best! Flying above the clouds, with exceptional views of Hvar island, towns of Stari Grad, Vrboska and Jelsa, including the amazing UNESCO protected Ager field. Fall through Hvar skies at an astonishing 120mph; it is an adventure you will always remember and treasure!

Once you’ve arrived at the airport in the UNESCO protected Ager, you will complete all the necessary paperwork after which you’ll meet the skydiving team and have a quick briefing. Your instructor will explain the different positions you must maintain when you jump and when you land including the way in which you need to exit the airplane.

You will then make your way to the plane for a 15-minute flight, giving you ample time to enjoy your bird’s eye view of the stunning island shores and azure sea.

Once you’ve reached an altitude of 3,000 meters – it’s time to jump! The free-fall lasts for around 40 seconds. When the instructor opens the parachute, it will take approximately 10 minutes to touch the ground. During all this time you can take in the stunning 360 views from above until you make the gentle landing back in Ager.

Look at some fantastic shots of our Head Concierge and DMC manager Ana Štambuk who had the privilege to experience skydiving for the very first time last week!


Here is what she shared with us: “It was definitely one of the best experiences ever and the panoramic views were amazing. Something that you cannot experience every day. My instructor Slobodan Marković was very calm and reassuring; I knew I was safe with him.”

On the topic regarding the free-fall, Ana told us: “You need to keep your eyes OPEN when you jump, the feeling is just unbelievable!”

On the topic on what to bring: “You need to put your sneakers on when you go skydiving, that’s part of the dress code that many people still overlook.”

Contact Ana directly to book your skydiving experience at:

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