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Tuesday, September 22 2015

Autumn Perfect Skin in three steps with the help of Sensori Spa "Month of Wine" packages


"Hvar’s winemaking history has endured from 385 B.C. when the wine grapes from Hvar where considered a gift from God. Pamper yourself this #OrganicSeptember with the gifts of Dionysus."   Tweet this fact

Wellness & Spas are now parts of an ordinary lifestyle; they are not longer a unique niche of belief but needed rituals to reduce anxiety and stress, elevate self-confidence and boost performance levels. 

In Croatia there are many hotels that offer spas; but there is a subtle but definite distinction between Spas that offer an already set package of services with those that change their offer seasonally in accordance with the needs of the body and its well-being. 

Follow those easy three steps to prepare your skin in September. We have sorted them out for you!

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In its Autumn Spa Specials, Sensori Spa has combined the rich Hvar heritage of winemaking with the grape and vine active patents to purify, firm, energize and illuminate your skin, not only delivering an authentic local experience but making you leave the spa radiant and reinvigorated.

Why you need this treatment?

As soon as the temperatures drop, the skin on your body stops breathing, it suffers from changes in air temperature and the metabolism in its structure is disturbed. The skin is not anymore soft on touch and its summer glow disappears. Grape berries packed with antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol and tannin help to fight free radicals and aging by restoring collagen and elastic fibers. This helps to plump out the wrinkles and gives a boost to sagging skin. So, it’s definitely time to think about some special skin care for the fall. 



Skin Regeneration – Wine therapy Full body piling & Sensori Glow sauna

With the help of this treatment, skin renewal is boosted by peeling procedures which remove parts of dead skin caused by the sun and irregular skin care. The active ingredients found in grape berries help stimulate blood circulation which is essential for cell renovation while the sugar gently exfoliates the skin. After a short wrap which will intensify your body temperature to better absorb all of the active ingredients your skin will be soothed by the Sensori Glow steam sauna where you will enjoy the rainfall shower, aroma steam bath and Sensori’s unique handcrafted exfoliation bar with moisturizing sea-derived granules.


Nutrition – Full body massage with Wine Therapy facial & body mask

Packed full of protective and nourishing antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients, this instantly hydrating, super nourishing facial & body mask, is formulated to specifically protect against signs of aging such as environmental damage, lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.


Fresh air - Sensori Spa rooftop Garden & Lounge terrace

Especially if you are working in an artificially conditioned closed working environment your skin is deprived of the oxygen enrichment which is so necessary for the skin and its proper cell functioning. Lounging on the Sensori Spa rooftop garden flower terrace while indulging in a calming tea or citrus & herbs infused waters is the perfect moment to “Stop and smell the Roses”, your skin will breathe the Mediterranean enriched sea breeze and your mind will find that balance which can be only achieved when away from the everyday clutter.

And most importantly, we suggest you to... Smile more!

Boost your good mood with life’s pleasures like Adriana’s Lifestyle Services, we’ll only highlight some of them: Champagne breakfasts with unprecedented views of Hvar harbor, refreshing and calming lavender scented towels at your constant disposal, the calm retreat perfect to indulge in a savory read in the privacy of a Mediterranean harbor lounge terrace and last but not the least the chocolate “Good Night” kiss. Smile!

Did you know?
The concept of vinotherapy was created by Mathilde Cathiard-Thomas and her husband Bertrand Thomas. The couple learned about the powerful impact of grape seeds, skins and stems on skin from a professor at Pharmacy Faculty of Bordeaux. In 1995, the Thomas’ launched a line of beauty products made from grape by-products; The first time stabilized polyphenols were used in dermo-cosmetics.

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