Adriana Sensori SPA

Experience Hvar

Sensori glow steam treatment - 30 minutes
Throughout time, water has been used to cleanse the body and clear the mind. Sensori follows this ancient tradition of physical and spiritual cleansing with an aroma-steam ritual in our signature steamroom. The sequenced glow ritual can accommodate up to four guests at a time and is recommended as a preparation for further treatments.

- exfoliation bar: apply Sensori's moisturizing sea-derived granules to the body to open the pores and buff away the ravages of our world

- rainfall shower: let water rinse away impurities and worries in our luxurious showers

- aroma steambath: deeply inhale the select aroma of the day while your body begins its purification, relaxation and renewal

- refreshing rinse: a second rinse in the rainfall shower cools the body and clears the mind

- aroma mist: spray a cool hydrosol from tip to toe to immerse into a world of the senses

- rest: relax in our lounge or poolside with a cup of Hvar tea


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