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Thursday, August 31 2017

A divers dream is Hvar!

Have you ever thought about scuba diving? Everyone has the possibility to enjoy lessons right in our Amfora cascading pool and Amfora bay! Enjoy your holiday on island Hvar and explore a truly spectacular underwater sea adventure. Together with Diving Center Viking Hvar, our Concierge delivers you the perfect adventure experience.

Trying it for the first time… it is recommended to try it only for a couple of minutes before actually going diving in the sea. Once you are convinced this is the sport for you, then your true adventure begins!


Kids program… Aqua Missions are perfect for your young ones seeking action-packed fun! Beyond learning basic scuba skills, there are missions, wreck diving, navigation, buoyancy, and environmental awareness. Kids aged 10 and over are welcome to do this program in the sea too!

An exploration dive in the sea… if you want to try scuba diving in the sea, but aren’t quite ready to take on a full certification course, this dive is for you.

Learn the key skills while having fun swimming around and exploring Amfora bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Hvar. After learning the basics, you can choose to further progress your experience to receive a diving certification!

Exploring the sea just around the Paklinski archipelago is a definite must for those willing to fully explore the depths of the underwater world. Witness fantastic sights of underwater sea life and be amazed what Hvar island has to offer under the sea!


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