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Wednesday, September 20 2017

September, your favorite month in Hvar

Many of us choose to visit Hvar in the summer months. First timers are always blown away by just how beautiful and charming the island is: a combination of culture, history, natural beauties and of course great gastronomic island offer. Moreover, the island Hvar is the perfect place for families, couples, travelers or groups of friends - there is something for everyone here.

Spending your September on an island may seem unattractive, however as the summer (very) slowly turns into autumn and the evenings call for long sleeves, the fun at this time of year doesn't stop! September in Hvar is just as joyful and equally magical (or perhaps even more) as the rest of Hvar summer.

What can you do in September?

Grape Harvest: The perfect combination of tourism and agriculture paired together in one! Many tourists from across the globe visit the island in this particular period for this extraordinary experience. The parcels where the vines are positioned is what makes grape harvesting in Hvar one of the more exciting activities to do in September. Some are located on steep ground, some with views of the sea, and some are located in the UNESCO protected Ager field. Generally speaking, each vineyard and later wine has its own story and being part of it makes it a tad more exciting!

Warm weather: During the summer Hvar gets hot, with temperatures a sizzling 30+ degrees Celsius, with only the sea being able to cool you down. September however, is cooler yet equally enjoyable with temperatures at a high of 25 degrees Celsius throughout the day with just a few occasional clouds in the sky. The sea is just as refreshing as during the summer on a warm September day.

No crowds: The joysome fact of September is that there is less people on the busy Hvar piazza, no wait periods for the ferry or catamaran tickets and moreover the organization of things just seems calmer and at ease. Peak season has finally ended and tourists can enjoy a more peaceful time in Hvar with all restaurants and venues open, just as in high season.

Jeep safari: What better way to explore the island than with a jeep safari tour of the island Hvar? Visit St. Nicholas peak and witness spectacular views of the southern Adriatic islands and mountains of the mainland. Pass through lavender fields, rough terrain and explore the unexplored nature of island Hvar. Contact our concierge directly for the best prices and to book one of the most popular active excursions on island Hvar!

Prices: Never ending summer is here to stay! Choose from Amfora, Adriana, Pharos and Palace and secure your spot under the September sun. This is the perfect month to enjoy your holiday in Hvar and experience the fantastic and fun perks of the island at a more reasonable price. Moreover, flights from various cities in Europe still depart frequently, making Hvar island just as accessible as in the busy summer months.

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