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Thursday, June 26 2014

Hvar's 6th Lavander Festival 27.06.2014.-28. 06. 2014, Velo Grablje

Remember the enchanting lavander fields from the movie „A Good Year“ (2006) starring Russel Crowe and Oscar winning actress Marion Cotillard?
Keep that tought and add a peculiar landscape, a mesmerizing smell of blooming flowers and 300 days of romantic sunsets

There you go, you are on the right track to reach another spot of our unique destination - Hvar's Lavander Festival.

The 6th Lavander Festival is one of our annual signature events which takes place in the beautiful rural village Velo Grablje near the town of Hvar. The aim of the festival is to enrich the traveler experience by discovering Hvar's cultural and natural heritage which is carefully nourished by the local inhabitants since ages. 

In addition to a vast display of themed local products and typical manufacture, the event's rich program features exhibitions, lectures and concerts (group Stampedo performance on June 28th).
And for those of you who are most demanding, you can enjoy an invigorating swim nearby at Hvar's breathtaking paradise beach Milna.

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