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Tuesday, December 17 2013

Dream wedding on Hvar

It all started one cold but sunny February morning. Maya contacted us in December through our email address requiring initial information about our wedding services, and after a couple of emails announced site visit with her husband to be- Jason.

I was a bit skeptical, as that was their first visit to Hvar, during winter time, when only our hotel Riva was open and Hvar image was totally different from the scene we enjoy in spring, summer and fall. Usually packed harbor with luxurious yachts was empty, a lot of great restaurants closed, but Hvar is Hvar- a sleek gentleman with a soul of a little boy that invites you to play with him. 

And on that sunny morning we started planning their dream wedding of 300 people from all over the world. A couple is actually involved in Africa development project and organizations, so their guest list was quite impressive and interesting with people arriving from all over the world.

We agreed on 2 pre-wedding events, a day trip and wedding reception. First one was Mongolian BBQ with live singer and DJ in luxury beach club Bonj ‘les bains’ after a whole day sailing trip around Paklenski island. Second night was a mixture of trendy and chic combined with tradition of our destination, so it was interesting to blend sushi and jazz with Klapa and “pršut”. And then a glorious wedding day on beautiful terrace of hotel Amfora with guest star, DJ Pete Tong.

We organized flowers, music, transfers, accommodation, activities, special lightening, hair dressers, make-up, ect. It was a bit challenging as on that date we had 5 weddings scheduled on different locations, and almost all of our trusted providers were already overbooked. But we were all so excited about that date of Love in our small town that everybody was ready to help and make dream wedding of those couples come true.

Looking back we can proudly say that every single one of those events was dream came true. What was most important? Communication, listening and details. We exchanged million emails, had a scheduled Skype call, organized a group on Facebook to exchange ideas and comments, and never ever gave a false promise to a bride. Living and working on Hvar gave us a great network of contacts and partners not just from Hvar, but Split and around. We now the rhythm of the town, weather, trends, our locations in last single detail so it is easy to make dreams come to reality, as long as both sides are sometimes ready to compromise. But isn’t that what marriage is all about? I feel very blessed and fortunate to be doing what I love in such a beautiful paradise. 

Check our photos and our wedding video from that day on Youtube:

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