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Tuesday, July 9 2019

Hvar Summer Festival - featuring fantastic performances!

Hvar Summer Festival is an annual festival that takes place from 1961. Numerous different performances have since then taken place in some of the town’s most prominent historical locations. Franciscan monastery, Hanibal Lucić’s summer residence, Veneranda summer stage and Hvar fortress and just some of the places where you can see different cultural and music performances this year.

The Festival typically lasts from June 1st to September 28th and includes performances in nearby villages Velo Grablje and Malo Grablje. Organized by the Town of Hvar, this festival has a long tradition of offering exceptional cultural events, particularly music performances, for which it has been recognized both locally and internationally.

This July we can expect top performances from world known jazz soloists, folklore ensembles and some of the most creative drama groups that will astonish you.

Some of the highlighted events in July are:

Singrlice – 16.07. at 21:30, Hanibal Lucić Summer Residence

Denise Jannah – 27.07. at 21:30, Veneranda Summer Stage

SHAKEing SHAKEspeare – 30.07. at 21:30, Veneranda Summer Stage

For more information you can see the full program here.

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