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Tuesday, August 4 2015

Where to eat Vegetarian while in Hvar

Vegetarian food isn’t hard to find in Hvar, if you know where to look. Meat and fish may dominate menus around town, but there are also healthy restaurants, shops and bars that specialize in meatless food or at least have vegetarian choices on their menu. 

From a delicious tortelloni with spinach and Hvar’s goat cheese to a hearty orzotto with tofu, Hvar's meat free meals are satisfying for everyone.

1. Beetroot cake delight at Bonj 'les bains' 1927 luxury beach club

This modern cuisine inspired restaurant is sure to appease both vegetarians and meat lovers alike with healthy and substantial options. Our favorite vegetarian dishes include Arugula salad with beets and goat cheese and the Andalusian Gazpacho but the real extravagant delight lays behind the inventive Beetroot cake with walnut and goat cheese.  

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2. Velvety Olive oil Veluttata  at Butchery & Wine Hvar Restaurant

Even if the name is a little misleading, besides being the region’s leading steakhouse, the creative team behind Butchery & Wine restaurant has some savory vegetarian choices up their sleeve. You absolutely have to try their marinated tofu with ratatouille vegetables, homemade “pljukanci” pasta vegetarian style, delicious orzotto (pearl barley) with steamed vegetables, tempura vegetables with Raita sauce, Blue cheese gratinated whole potatoes, Arugula salad sprinkled with toasted pine nuts and hard cheese shavings, Another Caprese with green olive ice cream and the star of the vegetarian menu - Olive oil Vellutata with a secret ingredient we leave to you to discover.

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3. Veggie regulars at BB Club lounge harbourfront restaurant

The vegetarian menu of this harbourfront outdoor lounge is not extensive but if you fancy casual waterfront dining surrounded by luxury mega yachts in the center of the see-and-be-seen “movement”, you are at the right spot to munch on some tasty vegetarian salads, pizzas and sandwiches.

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4. Fresh Pasta House

So this is the island’s one and only Pasta House specialized in all kinds of pasta and yummy pasta sauces and…as you may guess there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices too like 4 kinds of cheese tortelloni, tomatoes tortelloni, pumpkin tortelloni, sheep cheese ravioli, whole wheat ravioli with spinach and cottage cheese, whole wheat tagliatelle and yummilicious sauce choices mixed forest mushrooms, black truffles, locally grown fresh tomato sauce, fresh vegetables sauce, Pesto sauce with fresh ricotta from Hvar, spicy tomato sauce…basically the choice is vast!

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5. Vita Health Food Bar

This Ovo, Lacto and Vegan-friendly juice and snacks bar besides serving meat has great vegetarian options available. Pressed juice, smoothies and salads are just some of the options and you will surely appreciate the gluten-free veggie muffins to start your day besides a wide range of coffees with soy, almond or oat milk.

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6. Green House

This is a small and only organic shop on the island of Hvar. It stocks a varied range of eco and healthy food as well as locally hand made products. The fresh organic fruits and vegetables are from their own farm while bread, organic cosmetics, essential oils, tofu, seitan are from proven and registered eco-friendly producers.

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