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Thursday, February 1 2018

Hotel Adriana's complete revamp!

The key elements that make this project so exciting is that hotel Adriana is going under complete refurbishment this winter and that all of its public spaces will be redone. This famed gem of island Hvar, hotel Adriana will open its doors in the upcoming spring and welcome all with a completely new design which will position the hotel in the very top of the market.

The design...

Design studio Franić – Šekoranja who have worked on a number of projects in the hospitality industry is responsible for the complete revamp of Adriana, which since its opening in 2007 has remained the most luxurious hotel in the portfolio. In addition to designing the interior of three new penthouse suites, the studio will be in charge of the complete restoration of all public spaces in the hotel: Sensori Spa, Top Bar, Lobby, Reception and Restaurant Butchery & Wine, which will all carry the signature of Croatia’s famous design studio. Moreover, the hotel’s existing rooms are also retouched and refurbished.

How will the new Adriana look like?

The entrance to the hotel – delightfully spacious, with bold geometric shapes and a sophisticated touch that help reinvent Adriana’s once almost unnoticeable bar and the reception area.

Our famous Butchery & Wine restaurant – pair your tasty meal with a lovely sea view in Adriana’s newly designed restaurant and enjoy an exclusive dining experience.

A completely new luxury spa – a comprehensive revamp of its existing area, introducing state-of-the-art facilities and modern treatments inspired from all over the world that will help you unwind during your holiday in Hvar. The best part of it all is a panoramic sauna with one of the most spectacular wrap around views of the city.

Remember the pool? Be the first to dive in our brand new swimming pool this summer located at the top floor of hotel Adriana.

The makeover includes three brand new luxury penthouse suites with floor-to-ceiling windows complete with stunning panoramic views of the city. The suites encompass open plan spaces with up to 42 sqm including modern facilities with a new and unique design.

On the top floor you can also find our new Top Bar, fully redesigned with exceptional touches that will allow its guests to enjoy a singular kind of comfort while sipping on their favorite cocktail. This stylish window fronted bar has a full panoramic view of the harbor and the city of Hvar.




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