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Friday, June 3 2016

Lavender in Hvar

Hvar is world famous for its lavender, which is of the highest quality in the world. Due to its unique climate and year-round sunshine, the lavender grown on Hvar is very sought after. Hvar has been known as the island of lavender for centuries – and with good reason, too! Lavender grows all over the island, providing a beautiful contrast of purple with the azure sea, along with a fragrance that cannot be found anywhere else. Half a century ago, Hvar’s lavender oil accounted for 8% of the world’s total lavender oil production. Since agricultural land has become more valuable as real estate, the production of Hvar’s lavender oil has become very limited, but that’s not to say that the locals don’t grow lavender on every square inch available! Growing lavender on Hvar sounds easy, but the locals have battled the hard limestone for centuries, moving the rock and making as much space as possible to grow their lavender. The best time to see the locals’ hard work flourish is when lavender is in bloom, which is in June and July.

Did you know that lavender has been used for not only medicinal purposes, but in everyday life for over 2500 years? Historically it has been used in perfumes, to repel insects, and even in the mummification process in ancient Egypt where the dead were wrapped in shrouds dipped in lavender oil. Lavender is a fragrant, relaxing herb that can be used in cosmetics, baking, tea making, tinctures, and more. For centuries it has been thought that the scent of lavender can kindle passions as an aphrodisiac, treat insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and nervous stomach. In Spain, lavender is consumed as a tea and is used to treat diabetes and insulin resistance. Since lavender is well-known for its natural antibacterial properties, it is thought to be useful in protecting the body from airborne viruses when diffused.

At our Sensori Spa, located in Adriana, hvar spa hotel, we have studied the amazing benefits of lavender, and we use lavender oil not only for its scent, but for its ability to promote relaxation, stress relief and muscle pain. Lavender oil is one of the most versatile of all oils since it is an adaptogen and it can assist the body in adapting to stress. You can experience lavender’s amazing effects by booking a visit here  to our Sensori Spa, and indulge in the herb that Hvar is famous for.

Bringing authentic scents and flavors of Hvar in all aspects is our goal, and this includes adding lavender to our cooking as well. In our Butchery & Wine Restaurant  as well as San Marco Restaurant , we love to add lavender-infused olive oil for a special flavor to meat and fish dishes. The precious oil can also be consumed the Hvar local way, by dipping bread into it! Lavender is also used in many of our desserts, including our famous macaroons that our guests can have the opportunity to taste upon arrival at our Adriana, hvar spa hotel .

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