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Wednesday, May 24 2017

Your summer begins with your transfer to Hvar!

Already at the end of May, the city of Hvar welcomes numerous holidaymakers from all over the world. The cobble streets are packed with tourists as they stand to pick out their Hvar souvenirs, lavender, caps and even an occasional summer dress.

YES - dear all, summer has finall arrived to the beautiful island of Hvar and we feel it too!

Your holiday in Croatia may as well begin, with a visit to top Hvar beaches and an occasional night out in BB Club. Have you tried out our Ben & Jerry's ice cream? New this season 2017.

So, if you haven’t planned your holiday in Croatia or booked your hotel in Hvar, now might be the right moment. At Sunčani Hvar, we offer many transfer options when you arrive to Split. Our suggestion is to book your transfer with our transfer team so you can seamlessly start your holiday the moment to set foot in Split. They will then directly transfer you to the island of Hvar.

Here are 3 SHH transfer suggestions:

1. VIP Transfer service

Tailored to your most exclusive needs, we offer this service 0-24 every day! This package includes transferring you and your companions directly from Split airport to the catamaran dock in Hvar. You may choose from a variety of luxury yachts and speedboats including the Cobalt Bowrider speedboat and Sea Ray. This direct transfer option is hassle free from the very beginning to the end, enabling you to enjoy the stunning sights, sounds and scents of the Adriatic the minute you set foot in Split. 

2. Standard transfer service from Split airport - Hvar port

Organized using the regular ferry and catamaran lines. This transfer service is available for those arriving to Split airport before 7:00 pm and departing from Split airport after 9:00 am every day of the week! The ferries from Split go to Stari Grad and the catamarans go directly to the city of Hvar. Whichever option you choose, your transfer will be swift and smooth.

3. Standard transfer service from Split port - Hvar port

This transfer option includes transfer by catamaran or ferry from the port of Split to Hvar or Stari Grad and vice versa. In a case you arrive in Stari Grad, we organize a transfer service to the city of Hvar.

Our transfer packages include mini bus or bus transfers from the Airport in Split to the Split harbor, tickets for the catamaran or ferry, mini bus or bus transfers from Stari Grad to Hvar. In addition, we offer transfers from the Hvar port to any of our hotels, as our representatives and luggage porters will wait for you upon your arrival.

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Getting to Hvar from Dubrovnik…

One of the most recent and efficient lines was introduced a couple of years back connecting Hvar directly with Dubrovnik and vice versa. These daily lines that were introduced mid-May enable tourists to travel freely without touching ground!

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