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Friday, July 21 2017

Sunčani Hvar reports record-breaking results!

In pre-season Sunčani Hvar records more revenue than in the heart of last year's season and the vital part of this success is due to the results of its human resource strategy.

In the wake of new investment projects, record numbers of weddings and business events, and an increasing number of arrivals from all key markets, Sunčani Hvar realized its most intense business period and achieved record results in its company history. In pre-season, there has been an increase of 25% in overnight stays and at the same time an increase in average prices, while total revenues grew by 20%. Since the average occupancy of hotels in May and June was almost 90%, this year's pre-season was as active as high season.

“Sunčani Hvar Hotels has been developing direct sales channels for more than a decade in markets with more spending power where Hvar has become an unavoidable destination, and these are the very channels that generated income and overnight stays over the last few years. But at the same time significant efforts have been made to develop and improve traditional sales channels and experience tourism; key partners were segmented with the strength to jointly open up to new markets and intensify tourism during off-season. After intensive work on the markets and co-operation with Croatian intermediary agencies, in the first six months we recorded growth from all source markets - Brazil, Australia, Scandinavia to Taiwan, while the US and UK markets grew an incredible 30 and 40% respectively. The largest growth is seen in the new tourist market: India, where we had a 90% increase in overnight stays, an indicator of well-chosen sales tactics,” highlights Gordana Tomičić, president of the management board of Sunčani Hvar Hotels.

Sunčani Hvar also points out that an unavoidable part of success is certainly its successful human resource strategy recognized by the marketplace, making Sunčani Hvar enter the season with all employment positions filled, marking the successful completion of recruiting more than 500 seasonal workers.

"Considering the current situation regarding the labor market in Croatia, the priority was to find enough candidates in number, who would then undergo the selection process whereby quality candidates would be chosen to fill the open positions; therefore, the recruitment process started at the end of last season. On the other hand, for a number of years our goal is to keep motivated employees and to enable them to grow within the company through education and training programs, career development and assign mentors to support their specializations.

Our year-round campaign"Looking for a job? Find a career!" carries stories of our long term employees who started their career in Sunčani Hvar as seasonal workers. Moreover, we greatly encourage the development of young forces, respectively our young managers who over time take on the key functions within the hotel. Almost all hotel management, from our food and beverage manager, our head chefs, to the hotel manager originated from our regular staff and yearly seasonal workers." said Blaženka Tomičić, director of human resources of Sunčani Hvar.

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