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Friday, June 8 2018

57th Hvar Summer Festival

Held annually since 1961, this festival incorporates different performances and cultural events that are held across different historical locations in the city of Hvar as well as Velo Grablje and Malo Grablje. This festival is one of the longest lasting festivals on the Adriatic coast and lasts from June 10th-September 28th, featuring renowned Croatian but also international performances.

Organized by the town of Hvar, with a long tradition of exceptional events, this festival has been recognized both locally and internationally. On top of extraordinary performers, the prominent locations make the entire experience even more special: Franciscan monastery, Hanibal Lucić’s summer residence, Veneranda summer stage, Hvar fortress (Fortica), the Cathedral of St. Stephen, and St. Stephen’s Square. Discover culture within heritage this summer!

Look at the program below to see the events taking place in June in Hvar.

June 10th Hvar Brass Band – “The band has twenty members, and is led by maestro Tomi Domančić. Their repertoire ranges from marches and popular music to film music and classics."

June 13th Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk One of the famous works from Petar Hektorović, a famous Croatian writer from Stari Grad in Hvar. The play talks about his very own three-day travels on the sea, describing landscapes and everything that he saw on his journey – all in Hvar dialect.

June 23rd Tales of wisdom – “With the magical touch of music, the fluidity of moves and simple utterances, the ensemble plays out a number of events in which characters are looking for a place where people are strong and joyful and where there is plenty of light.”

June 24th Female vocal group Bodulke – “The group has seven members and all of them share a passion for Dalmatian songs. They promote cultural values and work on expanding musical culture as well as making more cultural events available to visitors.”

The beauty of this festival is that it nurtures the musical heritage of some of our famous artists, but also promotes young rising talents. In addition, the festival will also include cappella performances by Dalmatian klapa groups – a form of singing that is included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

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