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Thursday, April 7 2016

5 Menu Items You Cannot Try Anywhere Else in the World But in Hvar

1)    Octopus Peka
Peka is a Dalmatian specialty, usually consisting of slow-roasted lamb or veal and vegetables. The ingredients are placed in a large, shallow pan, and then covered with a metal or clay bell. It's then placed under the hot coals of a fire and roasted for a few hours. Locals on Hvar have taken the traditional peka up a notch, and have included freshly caught octopus. This dish usually needs to be ordered in advance, up to 24 hours, but the wait is worth it! Octopus peka is considered an island delicacy.

2)    Hvar Rožata
Hvar Rožata is a traditional island dessert that’s on the Croatian culinary heritage dishes list. It’s a thick egg and milk pudding that’s topped with caramel sauce. You can find it in many restaurants, and it’s always a big hit. What makes this dessert special is that it’s made with rose liquor called Rozulin, which is where it gets its name from. Rožata is always served cold, and it’s especially popular to eat in the summertime.   

3)    Hvar Gregada
Gregada is a fish stew made in a simple broth of vegetables and potatoes. Sometimes the simplest things are truly the best! Freshly caught white fish is simmered with sliced potatoes, garlic, onion, grape tomatoes, rosemary, and white wine. This recipe is made year-round on the island, and is considered extremely healthy. Hvar’s famous gregada is an old recipe that has been passed down through generations without much of a change. 

4)    Pašticada
One of Dalmatia’s most popular dishes, Pašticada is a beef stew that’s served with gnocchi. In the past on the island it was made from cows that were too old to work. Back then the dish was served rarely, but today it can be found in many restaurants across Hvar. The stew is cooked for hours to soften the meat, and sometimes (according to whom you ask) it’s placed in a marinade the day before it’s cooked.

5)    Pećica na Tećicu
This is an old island dessert that’s a classic to Hvar. Young goat cheese is boiled in water, sugar, and a little bit of milk. It’s then served with candied almonds. You can taste this delectable dish revisited and with a modern twist at Suncani Hvar’s very own Butchery & Wine Restaurant .

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