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Monday, May 2 2016

May Events in Hvar

Who says you have to wait until summer to have fun in Hvar? The long hot days of summer are fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until July to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hvar. May in Hvar marks an important time, as the weather is getting warmer, the rain storms are letting up, and the trees and shrubs just keep getting greener. It’s the perfect time to kick back and relax with a drink and hearty BBQ by the sea. Since May officially marks the start of BBQ season, all month long you can smell the delicious scent of BBQ all around the island. May is not only about who can prepare the most delicious BBQ čevapi, but it’s about spending time with friends and family, catching up and enjoying the nice warm weather from being cooped up inside all winter. Along with tasty BBQ, there are a few holidays and events in Hvar to suit everyone, from St. Prosper’s Day, to special performances by HNK Split and the Corpus Christi feast.

1) 1st of May – Labor Day BBQ
The 1st of May is a national holiday in Croatia, and it’s one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Every year, friends and family plan this day ahead of time, from buying the best čevapi for the BBQ, to reserving the best spot in the park (or on the beach if you’re on Hvar!). May 1st is a day that is planned sometimes a month in advance, as friends and family take the time to organize themselves and also to ensure all their loved ones will be able to make it home for this important day.

2) May10th – St. Prosper’s Day
St. Prosper is the patron saint of the town of Hvar, and this day has been celebrated since 1671, when the Hvar bishop Ivan Andreis brought the saint’s remains to Hvar from the Roman catacombs. Hvar’s believers then immediately embraced St. Prosper as their patron saint, and they pray to him for healing. Because of this, the bishop of Hvar called St. Prosper the “specialist saint” for many diseases. Celebrations begin on the eve of the holiday, May 9th, in the cathedral with the singing of hymns. On the morning of May 10th, the celebrations continue with mass, followed by a procession.

3) May 26th – Corpus Christi
May 26th is a national holiday in Croatia when the Corpus Christi feast day is celebrated. Corpus Christi is celebrated exactly sixty days after Easter and this year it’s extra special because it falls on a Thursday is the perfect opportunity for many people to take the next day off and have a long weekend. Long weekends are usually spent outdoors in nature hiking, cycling, and on Hvar, sailing.


4) 27th – 29th of May – HNK Split – A Weekend of Culture
The 27th-29th of May will be a weekend jam-packed full of cultural events for people of all ages. On Friday the 27th at Veneranda, there will be a comedy play called “Čudo u Poskokovoj dragi”, which is about the Poskok family and comedic situations that they find themselves in while making drastic life decisions. On Saturday May 28th, also at the Veneranda, there will be a ballet, and tickets can be purchased as of May 9th. On Sunday May 29th, there will be a classical music concert right in front of Loggia, and it is free of charge for all visitors.

To join in on the May celebrations, Suncani Hvar is offering exclusive packages to make your stay fun and memorable. Take a look below at our three favorites:

1) Labor Day on Sun-Kissed Hvar
Celebrate Labor Day on the beach with some good BBQ and in good company with the Labor Day on Sun-Kissed Hvar package! Spend the weekend exploring Hvar by cycling through UNESCO trails and relax in the Sensori Spa. Book your fun-filled weekend here.

2) Early Summer Break in Riva
Take your summer break early by booking a stay at the luxurious Riva Hotel, and spoil yourself by spending lazy afternoons by the sea and exploring Hvar’s unique UNESCO heritage. Book now here.

3) Couple’s Hideaway in Adriana
There’s no better way to enjoy the festivities than with that special someone! Enjoy yourselves at the Sensori Spa during the day before hitting the town at night. Sleep in the next morning and wake up to an in-room love-themed breakfast. Book your stay here.

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