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Tuesday, February 4 2014

5 Reasons you should visit Hvar in Spring

Even though we could hardly say we had winter this year, spring time is slowly approaching and there are so many reasons why spring and fall are my favorite season's of the year.

1.    All those colors. Sage, oregano, heather, rosemary, lavender, mint, thyme, myrtle and basil are just some of richness of our extraordinary island. Therefore, the fact that the island is “healing” doesn’t surprise. And when all those flowers blossom it is a work of heavenly art- crystal blue sea, combined with green, yellow, red, purple and glorious sunshine.


2.    Experience true local vibrations. It is the time when things are heating up. Everybody wakes up, streets are vivid, people are well rested and full of energy, getting ready for summer season, but they still have enough time to enjoy their island natural beauty and each other. Good times with friends and family, and don't be surprised if you get invited to random party or coffee on a main square.


3.    Treat yourself with royal service. Since it is still not overcrowded in the hotel, you can get yourself amazing deals and experience truly royal service. Free upgrades, early check in and late check out, fully devoted concierge and fresh, local food and wines.


4.    Sailing. Hvar is a sailing paradise. People often say I talk too much, but when I go sailing I get so mesmerized by sea, sail and that art of movement that I keep quiet and relaxed for hours. It is like a long running session, just less stressful for your joints.

5.    Be active and alive. Even though I am a true hedonist when it comes to chilling on the beach with refreshing cocktails and afternoon massage at Bonj 'les bains', I like to get my heart pumping as well. Sunny days, mild temperatures and fresh breeze are perfect for long cycling over the island hills, kayaking, hiking and free climbing. And it helps shed that winter pounds away in no time.

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