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Monday, October 12 2015

5 Big Event Planning Mistakes you’ll avoid with Sunčani Hvar Hotels

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To guarantee that your event flows smoothly and achieve desired results, there are a number of things to keep in mind. We’ll list the most common mistakes and answers which we developed to support you best in each occasion, so if you do not have a back-up plan Suncani Hvar Hotels is here the Plan B for you.

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1. Lack of Event Planning Training or Experience

From the moment you contact us until you say farewell to our island, we assign you an experienced Events Coordinator which will follow you all the way from the beginning to the end of your event. Event management is an unusual combination of creativity and organisation as well as intuitive and fast problem solving skills that few possess. We have especially noticed that many who attempt to organise a public sector or not-for-profit event are naturally creative but lack some of the hands-on skills to pull off the event successfully. Especially when there are many components which are essential and should be planned ahead with vendors whom you can trust to the letter: from organizing equipment hire to arranging the seating, planning the schedule and organizing the catering part. Even if you have a naturally organised mind you have to consider that you will need a lot of ability to juggle and track each different aspect as the date of yoru event approaches closer. The best solution? While you conduct your business globally - let us do the job for you locally.

2. 1990’s Business Model

Why 1990's? As much as we love the 90's and have that retro "saudade" the idea of getting 200 people in a room for 3 days is the first thought which comes up to our mind when we think of the conferences at the time. What you should be thinking of is setting up meetings in the open and engaging in group team work which can make your event more substantial. With our team buildings and incentives you can end up realizing more money while creating a flawless experience not limited in time.

3. AV Mistakes

The type of projector, format of the presentation, and screen size all contribute to the outcome of the projection. When you book an event with Suncani Hvar Hotels, we provide you with technical equipment and assistance on site so you do not have to worry of recruiting the AV technician and logistics around technical equipment transportation and set-up. As well you can schedule a day to test all projectors, presentations and speakers prior to the event. 

4. Event Check-in clutter and waiting lines

Lines can build up quickly, especially when attendees all converge at once. This is why our experienced event planner will organize a special area only for your conference check-in and all of the attendees will be informed of the check-in process in writing, in a timely manner prior to the commencement of your event. Not only can you feel more carefree but this as well allows you to cut back on staffing costs and make better use of your staff’s valuable time.

5. Choosing External Caterers 

There are some venues where booking external catering is a must, however, at an established venue like Amfora, hvar grand beach resort that offers top-level cuisine in-house, it is best to stick with the home team especially when coffee breaks refreshed throughout the day are in the price as well as an energizing three-course lunch or lunch buffet and an exquisite selection of home-baked treats served in the afternoon. By trusting our cuisine you are not only protecting yourself from unexpected disasters, but also allowing an experienced and elite chef to work in their own environment. Your guests’ taste buds will thank you.

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