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Tuesday, February 20 2018

Hvar Voted TOP 5 Best Destinations in Europe

So who found their place amongst the top 5 Best European Destinations?

1.       Wroclaw, Poland - awarded the title of best destination with 41,148 votes

2.       Bilbao, Spain - 39,845 votes

3.       Colmar, Italy - 32,185 votes

4.       Hvar, Croatia - 30,023 votes

5.       Riga, Latvia - 29,456 votes

We are sure that all those that love Hvar voted once per week and told their friends and family to do so – and the results show it! Our lovely island Hvar, the gem of the Adriatic, has been voted as the 4th best European destination. Thousands of votes have been cast by people from all over the world who voted for their favorite destination. We are over the moon that many of you chose our beautiful sunny island.

Voting for the European Best Destination is always exciting and we are pleased to see Hvar on the list the second time in a row. Last year Stari Grad a city on the northern side of the island was voted in 8th place. This is one of the oldest towns in Europe, a city that marked 2,400 years of foundation and equally long tradition of urban living. This year Hvar island received immense support from the locals, the media and tourist boards that shared the same vision of positioning Hvar island at the top! We were equally pleased to see a lot of international support, which totaled to 66% of votes that were cast outside of Croatia.

320,023 votes

This is the total number of votes that was collected over the 3-week period from a total of 162 countries. This is the 9th edition organized by European Best Destinations and this year it received great media coverage totaling to an overall of 446 press articles throughout the world. The top 15 countries selected will be promoted to more than 5,5 million travelers as one of the trendiest places in Europe in 2018. Overall, tourism growth of 15% has been noted in previous destinations that were voted amongst the top. Placing 4th in this contest is of great significance, especially due to the fact that the city of Hvar is celebrating 150 years of organized tourism in 2018 making this year an important jubilee to remember.

So pack your bags this summer and experience Hvar as the most amazing holiday destination for active tourism, stunning hotels, pure nature, historic sites and culture!

Can you believe that the voting page has been shared over 30,000 times on social media?!


Source: European Best Destinations

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