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Wednesday, January 11 2017

5 Fast Facts about Booking Early

Last minute bookings are still IN, however if you don’t book early you might miss out on your hotel in Croatia. What we know for a fact is that accommodation in Hvar fills up quickly! So think twice before you leave your planning for the very end! There are quite a few benefits to booking early, from giving you the opportunity to have your best pick to making you save money!

So here are 5 fast facts on why to book your vacation in Hvar early and secure your spot under the Hvar sun.

1.  Discount up to 20% in our Sunčani Hvar Hotels

Yes you heard it! Seize this opportunity to book your perfect hotel before the heist of high season in Hvar! You will receive additional benefits when booking directly through our official website and do not worry; we are very flexible when you book directly with us!

2.  Choose the right place

Fancy our renowned Adriana, Amfora or Riva? By booking early you can easily secure your spot in your much loved Sunčani Hvar Hotels! Or what about our newly renovated Millennials hotel Pharos – the perfect hotel, igniting the dynamic energy of Hvar Island! And last but not least you can also book early at our hotels The Palace, Delfin, or Villa Dalmacija!

3.  Cheaper flight tickets!

Booking you vacation in Croatia early = booking early flight tickets to Croatia! If you secured your Hvar hotel, the next step is booking your flight and as you know the tickets are significantly cheaper when buying them beforehand. So not only do you save money on your accommodation in Hvar, but you also save on airfare!

4.  Fully organize your trip and plan

When you book early you definitely get all the time you need in order to plan out each and every detail of your vacation in Hvar. Not to mention that you can check out everything the island of Hvar has to offer. From its cultural sites to the amazing Hvar beaches! Make your holidays in Croatia truly unforgettable!

5.  Gives you something to look forward to!

The simple fact that you are looking forward to something is also a great reason for making your early booking. If you are having a bad day, a simple positive thought about your vacation in Hvar may just make your day!

So act now, because booking your perfect holiday in Hvar is never too early! 

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