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Monday, May 12 2014

Your Wedding Abroad

The idea of a wedding abroad can be seductive, but can it be hassle free as well?

Of course it can when you have a team of experts taking care of all the details and reminding you on others you forgot or even never anticipated.

Imagine your wedding day. We bet you picture yourselves gliding down the aisle as man and wife, the envy of all your friends in a fabulous dress and seriously sexy suit… with a background of crystal clear sea, unique archipelago and luxurious yachts and sail boats.   

Hvar is a as hot as a wedding abroad destination can get, so say I do your way!

Much as home is where the heart is and where you have met, why not go abroad and enjoy your wedding day in an exotic location where the weather (and pretty pictures) are much more guaranteed?When wedding abroad means that you are traveling from chilly London to extreme hot (and sexy!) Hvar, here are some tips to pack smart!

Forget about high heels..Ok, for a main event, you will survive walking down the city center with your man or girlfriend under your arm, but you don't want to bother yourself or your feet with focusing on every brick on the floor rest of the time. Nice and comfy sandals or platforms will do the trick.

If we are talking about wedding abroad in July and August be aware of the sun. Yes, it is hot at 6 pm as well. After 8, when sun starts to fall and you can feel a dash of wind in your hair, it's time to shake it on the dance floor. Before that, just make sure you don't melt. This goes for the make up and must have hats and sunscreen.

For guys, unfortunately there is no tuxedo rentals in Hvar or Split. So make sure you come prepared.

Everything else we have covered. Beautiful beaches, surreal town setting full of history and unique locations, great food, amazing wines, and nightlife to remember. If you want your wedding abroad to be memorable, Hvar is wedding destination to consider.

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