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Monday, May 26 2014

What happens when love for meat and love for wine meet?

Couple of weeks ago we opened a new restaurant in hotel Adriana, Butchery&Wine. Since Adriana is a spa hotel, many were skeptical at first, but bit by bit this team proved them wrong. The concept of the restaurant is to present 6 premium world cuts of meat combined wih fresh, local ingredients and paired with most exclusive wines for culinary experience you will never forget.

When I asked guys what are they talking about, as not many people will know what is so special about this, they gave me a great answer: „It is for the ones that know, and for ones that are ready to discover!“

They organized a delivery of premium meat cuts from all over the world and Croatia, teamed up with local farms (and believe me, those people changed the meaning of the word organic!) that produce everything by natural methods and finally put together the best wine list one would imagine.

And why we are not skeptical anymore...First, the team won golden medal at local culinary contest Dobar Kus. Then, their Head Sommelier Mr. Nikša Ćurin, won first place at Dalmatian Sommelier contest 2014. And third, and far most important- We tasted it! Now we now what happens when meat and wine meet. Come and discover if you are ready....

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