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Wednesday, November 7 2018

Hvar, the hit wedding destination

It is no secret that Hvar is known for its endless sunshine, warm climate and stunning natural beauty, making it the perfect spot to get married. Trust us, inspiration comes when you least expect it to. But the truth is that couples who search for a wedding destination are bound to fall in love with Hvar on first sight! The island, secluded in pine groves and lavender fields creates an unmatched experience for you and your loved one.

What we often experience in Sunčani Hvar Hotels is that many couples that seek our help in planning their wedding, have already visited Hvar; stayed in our hotels; or have been to their friend’s wedding organized by Sunčani Hvar Hotels. We are very happy that these individuals then return to Hvar and choose us to plan their special day!

We will make sure to fill your wedding day with things you love while you are surrounded by the ones who love you.

How many weddings?

This year our wedding planner organized over 50 weddings at Sunčani Hvar venues, with most of them taking place at the sensational Bonj ‘les bains’ – the architectural jewel that became a synonym for epic Hvar weddings.

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The Bonj ‘les bains’ magical wedding atmosphere amidst white stone colonnades is perfectly accompanied by tasty cuisine, carefully cooked and artistically prepared by our head chef and his team.

Where are the couples from?

Our couples looking to get hitched are from all over the world – the USA, UK, Brazil, Scandinavia, Middle East and even all the way from Australia. Foreign weddings are generally on the rise in Hvar, where an average wedding here is around 80 guests, however SHH hosted weddings of up to 300 people which is the maximum capacity at Bonj.

Words of advice from our wedding coordinator…

Plan in advance - the earlier you get on planning your wedding in Hvar, the easier and less stressful it will be as that special day approaches. Having a clear plan before you start will help you keep on top of everything and be sure that you don’t forget something important.

Communicate with us - our team is here to answer any questions you might have regarding the venue, food or drinks. We will plan out every single detail of your wedding just how you like it, so tell us your every wish you have for your special day.


Contact our wedding coordinator for an initial discussion to see the possibilities you have with Sunčani Hvar Hotels!

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