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Wednesday, September 24 2014

Healthy Hotel Breakfast On Hvar - Why You Should Try This 5 Items


From the moment you arrive to Hvar harbor and you are greeted by our welcoming staff to the moment you say goodbye to the island of hedonism and adventure, you will start each of your day with a healthy hotel breakfast to revigorate you and keep you well-balanced for your daily pursuits.

Besides discovering the geography and culture of our unique destination, eating well and enjoying food in all its forms is one of the most important experiences we take particular care of.

What's your typical pick for a morning meal? Does it involve a cup of coffee with toast and fruit? Maybe some oatmeal with chia seeds? Or perhaps a protein-packed smoothie?

Everyone has their own definition of ideal breakfast, but when it comes to healthy choices all of us will agree that the Mediterranean has quite a good deal to offer. Croatian coastal cuisine is remarkably diverse, offering the best of the Mediterranean.

We present you with 5 healthy items that are included in our breakfast offer and the reason you absolutely should try those:

1.            Carob - Carob is used in the human diet for over 4000 years, In ancient times, carob  seeds were used as the unit of measure for weighing gold. Carob is a rich source of vitamins and minerals (especially calcium), Grind fruits are added to the variety of teas for coughs, to stop diarrhea, as a medicine for weight loss, energy bars and substitute for chocolate and coffee.

Our tip: organic carob and poppy wholegrain cake

2.            St John's wort tea - St. John's wort is a meadowland plant that has been used as a medicine for centuries.  It is a shrubby perennial plant with bright yellow flowers and named by its flowers which bloom for the first time around June 24, the birthday of St. John the Baptist.The tea derived from the plant is often used for alleviating anxiety, stress, seasonal affective disorder, insomnia and depression. As well drinking one cup of St. John's Wort tea after breakfast may help alleviate the throat and sinus problems.

Our tip: a cup of St John's wort tea accompanied by oat cookies

3.            Extra Virgin Olive Oil – from one gold to another this one is the one which Homer called called it ‘liquid gold’. Producers of Dalmatian extra virgin Olive Oil focus on the highest quality and traditional methods to preserve the oils distinctively Croatian qualities. Dalmatian Olive Oil has a complex nose, combining heart of artichoke, straw and dark chocolate bitterness, giving it perfect balance.  Olive oil holds a wide variety of antioxidants which are specific to olive oil only. It is considered to have a protective effect for the digestive tract, malignant tumors in breasts and prostate and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Our tip: try drizzling a bit of olive oil over your toast with jam instead of the usual butter standby.

4.            Dried figs -  there is nothing like the unique taste and texture of fresh figs. They are lusciously sweet with a texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds. Help Lower High Blood Pressure, are a good source of dietary fiber. against Postmenopausal Breast Cancer and protection against vision-destroying disease.

Our tip: a cup of yogurt or green salad with a couple of diced figs

5.            Lavander honey - Lavender honey is a premium honey only from the island of Hvar. They also used this precious aromatic plant for its soothing and healing qualities. Flowery, pleasant, well balanced and rounded, very fine honey aroma and the delicate floral scent with an evident Lavender component. rich and pleasant taste, light color, clear and transparent, and strong smelling plant. Combined with tea of chamomile, mint, wormwood and soothes the body, and is used against flatulence and promotes urination.

Our tip: Freshly squeezed lemon juice with lavender honey

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