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Friday, December 7 2018

Palace Elisabeth, the story behind the name

Palace Elisabeth, hvar heritage hotel will open its doors in the summer of 2019 and it is already one of the most anticipated hotels in Dalmatia. There is no doubt that upon completion, Palace Elisabeth will shine as one of most exquisite and unique hotels in the entire region. The former hotel was established in 1898 in place of the Duke’s palace that was demolished due to deterioration. The hotel was built under the generous patronage of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi). Together with the Loggia, the hotel is considered a historic landmark, incorporating many Venetian and Austrian architectural details that will be completely preserved during current renovation.

The hotel’s initial name originates from Empress Elisabeth, as she was the key individual who financially enabled the construction of the complex more than a century ago. She was very well known for her exceptional travelling lifestyle and was often called the Travelling Empress, as she toured through Europe and the Mediterranean countries throughout her life. One of her famous quotations was: I am a seagull, of no land, I call no shore my home, I am bound to no place, I fly from wave to wave”.

As the Hygienic Society Hvar was established in 1868, they needed funds in order to set up the first health hotel in Hvar. With the generous donation from the Empress, they managed to build the first hotel of that type on the island, named Cur-hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth which was completed in 1898 and officially opened in 1899.

Paying respect to the hotel’s immense history and tradition, upon completion in 2019 it will be named - Palace Elisabeth, hvar heritage hotel.

The luxurious complex will be the first 5-star, full service heritage hotel situated in the heart of Hvar.  It is located in one of the key places in the city, directly above the city hall overlooking the largest main square in Dalmatia, the Hvar Pjaca. The hotel is in the proximity of various historical sites such as the oldest Public Theatre in Europe and St. Stephens Church, as well as various restaurants and cafés. The hotel will include 45 luxury rooms and suites with stunning details and unique design staying true to the original story of hotel Palace. It will also have an indoor swimming pool, terraces and spa, with unparalleled views of the town and harbor. Moreover, guests will be able to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine amid an authentic atmosphere of the hotel’s restaurant and easy going afternoons in a stylish Cigar Bar.


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