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Wednesday, March 25 2015

Spring break plans are smooth sailing on Hvar

March is almost over and you still haven't made plans for spring break? Don't panic. With plenty of boats around and many routes to choose from, Croatia offers the perfect place to cruise around small islands in the Dalmatian coastline and here Hvar absolutely sets the scene!



Sail into Hvar, the ultimate sailing paradise and make sure you’ve got the island and its lush surroundings totally navigated during the international XIX. Easter Regatta 2015 which will be held through March 26-28. If you are tuned more to a relaxed pace holiday, you can equally visit Hvar town to watch the start of the fleet of large, beautiful sail boats. The Easter Regatta traditionally marks the beginning of the sailing as well as the tourist season in Croatia. After a long winter break Hvar rejoices too, and the return of the race on the sunniest island, where it firstly started back in 1997, is a double reason to celebrate.

TRAILS OF FAMOUS HVAR SAILORS: Ionian Greeks, 16th century pirates and Orson Welles

Hvar Island has been a famous spot on sailing routes from ancient times to the more recent ones. Its location at the center of the Adriatic sailing routes has long made this island an important base for commanding trade up and down the Adriatic, across to Italy and throughout the wider Mediterranean. From Ionian Greeks who found shelter on the island and their remains today classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, 16th century pirates hiding in the nearby islands and launching incessant pirate raids on Venetian merchant ships to Orson Welles during the filming of the unreleased movie „The Deep“ in the early 70s.


Enjoy the Adriatic aqua-blue sea and Mediterranean fragrant breeze with amazing views of Paklinski islands. The sailing season in Hvar starts in March and is extended all the way to November. Particularly for the destination of Hvar, some of the available sailing tours are: 2-days sailing tour, Sailing the Hvar archipelago tour, tailor made sailing tour as well as short sailing trips. Just an hour away from Split, you can hop on one of the available for rent sailing boats with skipper, sit back and enjoy at the fullest your spring break or you can pair a daily sail tour with all the comfort of a luscious accommodation arranged for you in an inviting package. For more info contact


Best for couples: Vis

Vis shores along with its small islands, rocks and cliffs are truly unique pearls of Adriatic Sea for romantic escapades which offer many possibilities and pleasures for sailors of all ages. If you want to double the feeling, visit the nearby Biševo islet with its famous silver-blue coloured Blue Cave.

Best for culture: Korčula

Korčula combines a hint of Dubrovnik chic with an abundance of natural beauty. If you have enough time to hop off board to visit this island, head to Korčula town where you can enjoy historic sites such as the central Gothic and Renaissance Cathedral of St Mark, the Town Hall and the massive city fortifications.

Best for wanderlusts: Brač

Have you heard of Blaće desert? While approaching Brač Island, head to the cove Blaća where you will find a beautiful pebbly beach, and small chapel next to it. From this cove there is a road to the famous desert Blaća on the island inland. This simple eremitical monastery cave shelter was built in an interesting position hidden between high cliffs of the canyon which give it a misterious charm. Within the monastery there is a church, then a school for children, a library with nearly 8000 books on 5 languages and an astronomical observatory.

And what about the Dragon’s Cave? No it is not a hidden place from the Game of Thrones but it is equally secret. Zmajeva špilja (Dragon’s cave) is situated on the south side of the island, underneath the cliffs of Vidova gora and over the village of Murvica. Inside the cave there are many reliefs of figures from the Slavic mitology and Christianity made in the very stone of the cave. The dominant figure is one with the dragon and the cave was named after it. 


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