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Friday, March 13 2015

Best Easter Weekend Trip in the Dalmatian Mediterranean

This Easter explore the Eastern Mediterranean and take advantage of those beautiful sunny days to surprise your family or special other with exciting and unique Easter holidays

There are many different ways to discover Hvar: enjoying the coast and beaches, following a route by bike and admiring the lavender fields and breathtaking sceneries, exploring the inland with its unique flavors, enjoying a romantic sunset sailing or just cut it off with a free of worries detox beauty weekend... However, if you have never visited Hvar during Easter week, then you just have to come. In Hvar, Easter week is celebrated with a great deal of emotion which is testified by the “Following the Cross” manifestation enlisted on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage list. 


500 years Eastern Tradition

People take an active role in Easter events and traditions. After mass on Maundy Thursday before the Christian holiday of Easter, each of six villages on the island of Hvar sends out a group that will proceed through the other villages in a circle, covering twenty-five kilometers in eight hours before returning home. Each party is led by a cross-bearer who walks barefoot or in socks, never resting. The cross-bearer, formerly selected from among religious brotherhoods and today chosen by registration up to twenty years in advance, has a much-desired and respected position, reflecting the devotion of the individual bearer and his family. He is followed by two friends with candelabra and others carrying candles and lanterns, five choral singers who sing the Lamentation of the Virgin Mary at several points along the way and many worshippers of all ages from Croatia and abroad wearing the tunics of religious brotherhoods.

Did you know? The Procession is bound to the Crucifix of Sveti križić (Croatian: Holly Little Cross), that is kept in the Hvar Cathedral since 1510. According to the records in the Archive, Sveti križić was in 1510 in care in the house of Nikola Bevilaqua. In the time of turmoil between the commoners and the nobility on 6 February 1510, Sveti križić has started to bleed. Then on Hvar started the intense worship of the Cross.

Stari Grad Plain

If you enjoy history and culture, take a short car ride to Stari Grad and visit UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plein or Hora for a picturesque walk among 2400-year old vineyards. These walks take you into the cultivated area betwen Stari Grad and Jelsa. The fields, you will walk trough, were first laid out by Greek colonists in the 4th century BC. The pattern is largely unchanged today and has been on UNESCO List since 2008. 


Hvar is the perfect jumping off point for family day trips to both Split and Dubrovnik—think Roman palaces, Renaissance architecture, friendly smiling faces, pretty restaurants and shops, the smell of coffee while you sit in a lounge bar on a vivid marina front promenade and of course the striking “Game of Thrones” set ambiance. From churches to theatres to museums and modern landmarks, you can custom-design a complete city tour incorporating rare insider experiences. You can literally have a tasty local pastry accompanied by freshly squeezed seasonal juices for breakfast in Split followed by a sumptuous plat du jour lunch in Dubrovnik.


It would be fantastic if we could spend every day pursuing our passions but sadly, the daily living often gets in the way. Would it be perfect if we could pursue our passions in a 24-hour affair at Sunčani Hvar Hotels this Easter?  The list of possible activities is endless:

Biking Hvar - A setting so pretty, it looks fake

If you are an advanced pursuant of this outdoor activity, you can take a bike ride from Hvar to Stari Grad and then use the transfer to Hvar back or you can reach by car Stari Grad and then take a relaxed trail around and return back. In nice weather, we love the leisurely ride through the lavender trails along the spectacular turquoise seafront promenade lined with gorgeous, unique plant life that thrives due to the mild climate and shoreline covered with idyllic villages and traditional restaurants. 

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing on Brač Island

It takes more than wind to find an ideal kiteboarding spot. Granted, that’s a big part of it, but there are other factors to consider, like how flat, choppy, or wavy the water is, the weather (other than the wind conditions, of course), and location’s overall vibe. Well, we have it all. In Spring, the weather could not be any better and the ideal location of one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Dalmatia – Bol on the island of Brač plays its part too. This location is mostly known for attracting the regular suntanning beachgoer but is becoming more and more popular along travelers and locals toting kites and kiteboards. They come to play in the sun and catch the Mediterranean winds “maestral”, “yugo” and “bura”, which can be found year round.

Hiking trails through 2000 years old vineyards

A favorite trip of ours is to head from Stari Grad to the impossibly quaint village of Velo Grablje, which was once the most important centre for lavender production in Dalmatia. The trip provides you with marvelous views of slopes covered in a distinctive lattice of drystone walls and mounds. As you reach the top, the views of Vis Island floating in the distance are nothing short of spectacular and then the descend to the abandoned little village of Malo Grablje all the way to the quiet fishing village of Milna, an ideal set-up for a snack break while waiting the transfer van which leads you back to your hotel.

Did you know? For the most adventurous ones and those seeking an adrenaline rush we recommend a hiking trip to the highest peak of the island – Sveti Nikola (626 meters above the sea level).

Cruise around Paklinski Islands

Sunčani Hvar is just a short speedboat or yacht ride away from Paklinski islands and our Concierge can arrange boat tours using a wonderful fleet of ships. On a clear day, there’s nothing better than taking in the breathtaking island scenery from the deck of one of these boats. The ride alone will leave you giggling, shouting to the fresh sea breeze and splashes of the azure blue Adriatic Sea, or a bit of both. It’s a total rush, and the views from over the evergreen Mediterranean greenery and hidden beaches are magnificent.

Did you know? The name Paklinski Islands is popularly translated as Hells' islands (pakleni: hellish), but it originally derives from paklina, an archaic word, from which pakleni too is derived, that means "tar", and in this case refers to the pine resin once used to coat ships that was harvested on these islands.

Tour the vigilant fortresses floating above Hvar

Fortress Fortica or Spanjola is the most visited attraction in Hvar for good reason. Located above the city of Hvar, the building dates back to 1579 when it was re-constructed following a gunpowder explosion.

If the view from fortress Spanjola didn’t impress you, you might want to visit the second fortress above Hvar, the fortress Napoleon. Built by the Emperor Napoleon, the fortress is situated 241 meters above sea level, no need to say that even if you don’t have time for a full guided tour, the view from here is spectacular! You would need a car or taxi to get to the Napoleon fortress.

And for those guests whose idea of an Easter experience is more along the lines of exquisite culinary traditions, Adriana hvar spa hotel is planning a sumptous Croatian Easter buffet breakfast.   

Once you have discovered them all, you'll want to return to Hvar for Easter week.

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