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Thursday, May 21 2015

Early Summer Break In Hvar - Event guide for May and June

If you are more of a person keen to relax and unwind or experience country pursuits that culminate with gourmet picnics and leisurely activities then this is the best time for you to visit Hvar and avoid the summer crowds (...and there are great discounts in store too...but shhh!).. A diverse cultural program within the Hvar Summer Events has already started and waits to enrich the days spent under the bright sky to many of its visitors.

The town of Hvar, besides its cultural heritage and natural riches, is surely proud as well of its artistic heritage. The picturesque ambience of this island town currently celebrating 145 years of organized tourism has a special charm to which many artists respond. This is the reason why, during spring and summer months, Hvar is host to numerous festivals, international concerts, theatre troupes, musicians and folklore ensembles from Croatia and abroad. 

List of the upcoming events:


This is a traditional summer cultural event and one of the oldest on the Adriatic Coast. Open-air performances by Croatian and foreign artists are performed almost every day from May to September and set against the splendid backdrop of the town’s Renaissance architecture. The weekly program can be seen on bulletin boards spread all over the city.


Folklore Society "Šaltin» was founded in 1975, as the first society in the town of Hvar. Šaltin is working on the presentation of Hvar's traditional dances, costumes, instruments and songs. Hvar dances as well as Hvar costumes are a part of the authentic Croatian folklore heritage and are close to the European heritage of the 18th and 19th century. The society brings together dancers of all ages and appearances in several generations which perform the dances from all over Dalmatia: Split, Trogir and Korčula.


Pulena figurehead is the name for a wooden sculpture that adorned the bow of the ancient and medieval trade and war sailing ships of Dalmatia. The sculptures were diverse and had different functions. Their formation is one of many maritime mysteries. The “For Pulena” feast has been established to preserve Hvar’s traditional wooden boats: leuts, gajetas, kaic and batanas (traditional vessel terms),  to encourage the production of galleon "St. Jerome "replica and to transform the historical venues of Arsenal and Mandrač in live interactive museums of Hvar’s maritime and fishing heritage.


The evening of 23 June, St. John's Eve, is the eve of celebration before the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist. In Vrboska (little Venice) city,  St. John's Eve is typically celebrated with a bonfire called St. John's Fire which represents a centuries old tradition of the Bonfire Night followed by Dalmatian A Capella singing (part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity), island folklore and authentic cuisine.


Fragrant lavender fields bloom from early June to August in the neighboring hills around Velo Grablje opening to a view of amazing sceneries of lilac waves melting with the ghostly white abandoned ruins of typical 19th century rural hovels. Follow the lavender roads from the field to the final product by attending the Lavender festival in Velo Grablje from the 26th to the 27th of June dedicated to the legendary plant. This lilac gold has been used for a long time to make soap and cosmetics and it is also part of Hvar’s cuisine with lavender honey and lavender sorbets surely worth a taste! If you cannot make time to visit the festival the festival will come to you at many lavender kiosks spread all over Hvar city. 


Make yourself a gift and use this holiday to Hvar to give yourself time and space to rest, to reflect and rejuvenate with a unique life-experience. Holistic Lifestyle Consultations, Pure Bioenergy Therapies and Chakra Life Mapping daily holistic therapies can be arranged in a certified yoga center to help you gain insight into your overall energetic structure by identifying and healing issues that shape the way you think, act and react. 

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