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Friday, May 5 2017

The important points on today’s incentives!

Meetings, conferences and teambuilding’s are increasingly on the rise and many clients are choosing island Hvar. Hotels in Croatia are often booked for the purpose of large incentive groups and since an increasing amount of clients are choosing Hvar; we were interested to see what makes it the perfect spot for unique events!

We were pleased to speak to Sabine Gouhie, managing director of Terranautika, one of our long-term partners with whom we work in order to deliver clients an ultimate incentive holiday in Croatia!

SHH: What do you expect from Sunčani Hvar Hotels and what are your most important criteria?

Ms. Gouhie: We expect quality in every segment of the offer, from quality accommodation, to the sole execution of the conference; creative menus and delicious food and excellent service. Overall, for us the most important criteria is the harmony of the hotel offer and the excellence in providing services.

SHH: Which event would you single out as the most demanding, and which one most memorable?

Ms. Gouhie: Every year we have the same client who chooses the same hotel in Sunčani Hvar, for 4 years in a row. Our clients really like Hvar, because they feel like it is their little private oasis. Each arrival to Hvar, represents a certain challenge because the offer in Hvar broadens (new restaurants and bars), and we are trying to sell these offers to clients as new destination products.

SHH: Have you ever had a request from a client that you could not fulfill?

Ms. Gouhie: Our rule is that we do not promise what we cannot fulfill! Our key is sincerity with the client. We keep within our means in order to fulfill all requirements, but what we promise, we try to achieve as soon as possible. That is the only way to achieve credibility with the client as well as a win - win partnership.

SHH: Why would you suggest Hvar as a teambuilding destination?

Ms. Gouhie: Because it is special and authentic, offering many various activities in a relatively small area. With a combination of traditional and cutting edge restaurant menus, Hvar is a winning combination.

SHH: Have the requirements of clients changed over the years? If so, in what way?

Ms. Gouhie: Nowadays, as many would say, the client is considered “God”. They require the best; a quick and creative program, and only those who adapt to this new rhythm can survive on the market. Internet has almost completely taken over air fare reservations, accommodation, transfers and even guides. The client now, (even without us) can fully ensure themselves a solid accommodation and arrival at the destination. However, we do not need to fear, because for a truly extraordinary incentive travel, the client still needs us. Therefore, I advise event organizers not to be afraid, because those that are highly specialized and adapted on the market will survive.

SHH: What do you think island Hvar has that other destinations do not?

Ms. Gouhie: Hvar has that personalized 'touch' towards the client, which other destinations do not. The mere beauty of the city is not enough. The service is very important to our clients and for them to be in a place where they can feel at home and to which they can come again.

SHH: Which factors most affect the organization when choosing a MICE destination?

Ms. Gouhie: The quality of the offer, perfect technical production of the event, either if it was a congress or gala dinner. However, what is also important is the attractiveness of the destination and location; fast connection to mainland, the vicinity to the airport, excellent service, authenticity, traditional but chic lounge bars and restaurants by the sea... All of these are important factors when choosing a MICE destination.

SHH: Do you think that Hvar meets the expectations of every generation?

Ms. Gouhie: Year after year, I am more certain that you have a strong infrastructure for each guest. You manage to suit your offer to all generations and the beauty of the island simply enchants, making no space for complaints. I do not understand guests with objections on this beautiful island. It would be best if such xenophobes do not travel. Such individuals would probably complain on just about anything.

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