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Tuesday, July 1 2014

You are still on time! Our wedding planner's 5 Last Minute Tips for your summer wedding.

Your summer wedding is at the door? Don’t panic! You are still in time to choose your favourite location and let us plan every detail.

Our wedding planner is sharing with you the finishing touches that will guarantee everything goes smoothly and your wedding will be the absolute talk about.

Tip 1: Order a Backup Boutonniere

The boutonniere is especially fragile since your groom will be wearing it throughout the day and it has to withstand hugs and heat! So ask your florist to give you some extra backup flowers and even a second boutonniere for the wedding day. There may be an additional charge, but you’ll be happy you have it if his flowers start to droop.

Tip 2: Purchase Parasols or Fans for the Ceremony

If you're having an outdoor wedding in June July or August, be especially considerate of your guests. Provide parasols for during the ceremony or pair fans with the programs (or create program fans that do double-duty!). You'll look like you thought of everything (you did) and you won’t be worried about rushing the vows due to heat. Plus, keep the parasols around for the wedding party photos—they make a cute accessory!

Tip 3:Provide sunscreen

If guests will spend hours out in the sun, you’re a terrific host to set a spray bottle of high-SPF sunscreen at each table as well.

Tip 4: Plan your Pictures 

Don’t take your wedding pictures at noon or too close to noon—the sun will be directly overhead and will cause unflattering shadows. With that in mind, aim to take your pictures in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening. Consult with your photographer for more lighting recommendations.

Tip 5: Experiment with Decorations 

Instead of having a bunch of flowers that will wilt, consider lanterns or other decorations that are beautiful but much less expensive and hold up better in the sun.

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