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Thursday, April 13 2023

Sunčani Hvar becomes leading producer of solar energy in Dalmatia!

After last year's opening of the Beach Bay Hvar Hotel, as the first sustainable hotel in Hvar, and joining the UNESCO sustainable tourism program, with an investment in a new solar power plant project, Sunčani Hvar confirms its leadership position in the application of energy efficiency and green transition programs, setting new standards both in the hotel industry and in the economy in general.

Namely, Sunčani Hvar hotels are the first hotel company in Croatia that will install solar power plants in all its hotels and buildings in order to produce its own electricity. The total planned installed capacity of the power plants will reach 1 MW of energy, which will make Sunčani Hvar the largest private producer of solar energy on all Croatian islands and in Dalmatia. The estimated amount of electricity that will be produced in the installed solar power plants is sufficient for 40% of the entire annual needs of Sunčani Hvar, which will significantly reduce the impact of increased costs of energy sources, and thus increase the competitiveness and sustainability of business. By using renewable energy sources, it also contributes to the Green Plan of the European Union, which aims to create a green and sustainable Europe in the coming decades and at the same time contribute to the preservation of the environment.

"Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but an unavoidable business principle. In Sunčani Hvar, we continuously work on projects of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. We also strive to find ecological solutions that increase the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the company. By introducing solar energy, we contribute to the European Green Plan and to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, all in accordance with the global ESG strategy of the CPI PG group to which we belong," said the President of the Management Board, Gordana Tomičić.

The island of Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island and one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean. Due to the longest insolation of over 2,700 hours per year, it enables the accumulation of a large amount of light and heat energy on the roof surfaces of buildings where solar panels are located. The advantage of so many hours of sunshine is a significantly faster return on invested funds and greater profitability.

Investing in innovations confirms the leadership position of Sunčani Hvar in the implementation of solutions that directly encourage a green and sustainable transition and at the same time enable the creation of new jobs and the global competitiveness of the EU.

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