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Tuesday, September 26 2017

Hvar's Top 5 Wines

With its abundance of natural fields, more than 2718 sunny hours per year, perfect climate, no wonder Hvar is known as the island of wine.

The island has a proud history of wine making, dating back to the ancient Greeks when they first planted their vines in 384. BC in Stari Grad plain (Ager), a UNESCO World heritage site. Vineyards are spread across the island and carefully nurtured to produce the best crops. It is no wonder that over the centuries this long kept tradition has been perfected in order to ultimately create some of the world’s best renowned wines. At Sunčani Hvar, our concierge recommends some of the most popular wine tasting tours that will surely highlight your holiday in Hvar. From wineries Zlatan Otok located in Sveta Nedjelja, in a small bay, Duboković in Jelsa, with a traditional Croatian konoba and Carić in Vrboska, with a lovely garden and wine cellar.

The sights of vines growing from stone, located on steep slopes and UNESCO enlisted cultural heritage will remain inscribed in your memory forever. With such a strong wine story and centuries long presence, Hvar has become an island of autochthonous wine sorts, still unknown for many. So why not try them all?


A white wine variety very particular for the island of Hvar. Usually found on the very eastern south side of Hvar or Sućuraj. Known well amongst the locals and grown with other vine varieties, thus vineyards of these sorts are scarce. However unknown by many, this particular wine sort in island Hvar is cherished greatly and you will rarely find a wine of this character. Full-bodied, with a golden yellow color and intensive taste, this wine is perfect for white meat and fish.


Originated in the Stari Grad Plain, if translated literary, it means a “gift from God”. This ancient white wine tends to be dry and green-yellow to golden color and is indigenous to the island of Hvar and this is the only place where it grows.  The grapes from Bogdanuša are also used to make Prošek, a sweet dessert wine in combination with other grape varieties, a common choice being Maraština, a sort that is spread across Dalmatia.


An indigenous and less known Dalmatian red grape variety because the grapes usually appear in blends with Plavac Mali. Cultivated only on island Hvar, with a similar variety only growing on Vis, the wine made from this grape variety is scarce and hard to find. The grapes are large, very dark and sweet making this fine, full-bodied red wine almost appear black. Additionally, its vines grown on some of the steepest slopes in Hvar making harvest more difficult than usual.


A white wine that originated on island Korčula, however it quickly spread to the island of Hvar, where it made its home. With a fruity taste and aroma this wine holds an authentic character and a notable refreshing taste. At BB Club at Riva, hvar yacht hotel try Zlatan Otok’s most premium Pošip, a wine that is bright, straw-golden color and hard and dense in the glass.

Plavac Mali

Taste this renowned wine at our famous Butchery & Wine restaurant at Adriana, hvar spa hotel. Kobe steak and this dark red wine are a perfect pair! Plavac Mali is one of the most respected red wine varieties and very well known in Croatia. Exclusively grown in southern Croatia where there is an abundance of heat and sunny hours per day, which produces the best grapes. It is the cousin of popular Zinfandel, famous California wine. Plavac Mali is best paired with red meats because of its strong and almost rustic taste.

Do you want to try all of these wine varieties?

Contact our concierge for the best prices, tours of some of the most renowned wineries in Hvar! We know the best places to visit!

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