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Thursday, November 3 2016

Hvar’s Peškafondo is in November, remember?

So after getting married in Hvar and hitting the best beaches on the island during summer months… what now?

Well, luckily Hvar has different attractions all year round, and even though you packed your shorts and skirts and started reminiscing about your vacation – perhaps it is already time to return!

Peškafondo or the “hunt for squids” is held for the fifth consecutive year in the island of Hvar, commencing on November 4th 2016 and lasting for full two days. The start is just in front of our fabulous Riva, hvar yacht harbour hotel, where our participants will be getting ready for their departure. A max of six people in a boat and as the rules say: all must return by 20.00 o’clock, or else their catch of the day won’t be acknowledged. I am sure you are already in anticipation! Rumor has it that last year more than 70kg of squid was caught in just two days!

Peškafondo is undoubtedly a perfect event to show the liveliness of the city and its people even in the months after Hvar’s high season. It gathers some of the best Croatian fishermen, chefs, amateur cooks, caterers and shipbuilders. The term “peškafondo”, or rather the “item” is the oldest tool for catching squids and an essential piece of equipment that is used much more in Croatia than in any other country in the Mediterranean.

This local manifestation in Hvar gathers over 150 competitors from all over the world while many noncompeting visitors enjoy Hvar delicacies, homemade dishes and fine wines! So, dear guests, perhaps in addition to cheering our participants you can relax and enjoy a unique experience in Hvar - Hvar authentic local lifestyle, Hvar gastronomy, live music and our very dynamic atmosphere throughout the duration of the event! So who says you can’t have a great time in November? Well this definitely answers the commonly posed question: “What do we locals do in off season?”

Sunčani Hvar Hotels invites you to stay with us at Adriana, hvar spa hotel to celebrate and enjoy the Hvar you still haven’t met yet! Use special promo code PESKAFONDO and redeem 25% discount. With temperatures reaching 20 degrees and your daily dose of sunshine, Hvar will once again never cease to amaze you!

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