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Wednesday, November 9 2016

Happily Ever Hvar!

At Sunčani Hvar, we absolutely love our work and we are always so moved when our happy couples share their experience and testimonials of their dream weddings.

Bespoke, magical and truly inspiring, Hvar is considered to be one of the most beautiful wedding destinations. Still under the radar, as some of our newly wed couples describe it.

Discover Hvar for yourself through the eyes of people whose lives here, have been changed forever.

Why did you choose Croatia and moreover Hvar as you wedding destination?

Croatia is a beautiful country, un-spoilt and not over exposed by big buildings and hotels. It is a hidden gem that many people in the United Kingdom are only just hearing about. It is the best kept secret. (Amber and Jamie)

When was the first time you’ve visited Hvar and why?

We first visited in July 2014 to take a look, as a potential wedding venue – as soon as we arrived I actually cried because I never imagined anything so perfect to what we wanted. (Jodie and Thomas)

Why did you want to have a wedding abroad and not in your home land?

Weddings are now days all very similar and predictable, we are not predictable and we wanted something unique and really memorable. That's why we choose Hvar. We had beautiful weather and stunning scenery and were able to hold a 4 day wedding using all of the Sunčani Hvar venues. (Jodie and Thomas)

What do you think about local people in Croatia and how was your cooperation with people organizing your wedding?

We had an amazing time in Croatia. Nikolina and her team helped us have our dream wedding and almost all the people we met were incredibly friendly and welcoming. (Emma and Eddie) Nikolina has made the planning very easy as she has given us lots of names of contacts and this has helped planning the Wedding. She has constantly been in touch with us and always answers any questions or concerns we have with the venue, food, drinks. Very experienced in what she does and this has helped being abroad, as it could have been a lot more difficult to arrange. (Amber and Jamie)

What do you like about Croatia/Hvar the most and what was maybe disappointing?

We like the climate, the beautiful buildings that are un-spoilt, not too commercialized like some countries and in addition it is a short flight from the UK. As of yet, there is nothing bad to say about Hvar or Croatia at all. (Amber and Jamie)

Will you come to Croatia again and which destinations would you like to visit?

When we return which we hoped to this year, but we have just had a baby girl, we would like to travel along the coast of Croatia and visit mainland. I constantly look at holidays and flights as it is just a perfect destination, especially with children. We love Hvar so much; it's our little girls name... Hvar rose. (Jodie and Thomas)

Inspiration comes when you least expect it to. But the truth is that couples searching for destination weddings are bound to fall in love with Hvar on first sight, leaving an eternal mark on them. An ultimate destination, secluded in pine groves and lavender fields, an unmatched experience and beauty that will be delivered to you by Sunčani Hvar Hotels and our wedding coordinator will help you fill your wedding day with things you love while you are surrounded by the ones who love you.

Here is to love and laughter and your happily Hvar ever after!

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