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Tuesday, July 25 2023

Supercar Rimac Nevera exhibited on Hvar main square!

This summer, visitors have the exclusive opportunity to see high performance supercar Rimac Nevera on the Hvar main square during the period from 24 July to 10 August.

The revolutionary electric supercar is exhibited in the historic center of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, island Hvar. Moreover, the very town of Hvar is known for its natural beauty and well-preserved historical architecture. In recent years, it has become a center of exclusive tourism, which includes high-end hotels targeted at most discerning guests. In addition Hvar has become a hub for mega yachts that are anchored in the historic harbor directly in the city center on the promenade.



During these few weeks, visitors will have the opportunity to see a Croatian innovation, as the luxury supercar Nevera was designed, developed and manufactured by the Rimac Group near Zagreb.

The name Nevera comes from a meteorological phenomenon that occasionally affects the island of Hvar. Nevera literary means a powerful storm over the Adriatic Sea that arrives suddenly, often charged with lightning. The Rimac Nevera also has the ability to instantly transform from a fun-to-drive GT car to the fastest accelerating car in the world. Nevera currently holds 22 world records for acceleration.

When the supercar was launched, most of the promotional material was shot on the Croatian coast, which presented both the car and beautiful Croatian coastal roads to the entire world.



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