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Wednesday, October 16 2013

10 facts about fish in expectation of the 18th meeting of Croatia’s fisherman

The 18th meeting of Croatia’s fishermen will be held from 17th to 19th of October in Amfora hotel, traditionally organized by the Croatian Chamber of trades and crafts. As we are looking forward to interesting discussions on the current issues of the fishing industry in Croatia to start, we are keeping ourselves entertained with interesting, “did you know” facts about fish.

Our Top 10 for you:

1. Electric eels and electric rays have enough electricity to kill a horse.

2. Pollution in water changes the sex of fish.

3. Top 5 countries in fish and shellfish consumption are Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Brunei.

4. On average, flying fish can glide 160 feet (50m), but have been known to glide as far as 660 feet (200 m). And they can reach heights up to 19 feet (6m).

5. The fastest fish is the sailfish. It can swim as fast as a car travels on the highway.

6. In Japan, the fugu, or puffer fish, is a succulent but lethal delicacy. It contains tetrodotoxin, a deadly poison. However, it is so delicious that Japanese gourmets risk their lives to prepare it. To make this high-risk dish, chefs must have a certificate from a special school that teaches preparation of this toxic fish.

7. Sometimes tornadoes pick up fish while traveling over water and carry them over land, where the fish rain down. These “fish showers” have been happening for thousands of years. Roman writer Pliny the Younger describes this phenomenon in the 1st century A.D.

8. Scientists have explored only 1% of the ocean depths and they believe millions of new kinds of animals and fish are down there, waiting to be discovered.

9. Salmon, after journeying across the ocean, can find the river where they were born. In the Yukon River in Alaska and in Canada, certain tagged Chinook salmon covered nearly 2,000 miles in 60 days.

10. Although there are many healthy fish in the sea, salmon (the wild kind) wins by a waterslide, and is a healthy fish you can count on to pack in nutrition.

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