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Thursday, November 5 2015

TOP 5 things to do on your Anniversary in Hvar

"Conde Nast rates Hvar in the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world, with its mix of breathtaking natural aesthetic and architecture.Tweet this fact

Hvar is not just the island of sun, wine and nude beaches you can encounter in its peak season, because of its lush vegetation, plentiful water, hidden beach coves, lavender fields, and sleepy fishing villages it is the ideal year –round destination where you can spend the most romantic holidays.

If you need help to plan your romantic anniversary in Hvar we have prepared 5 itineraries you can follow according to the time you plan to visit the island and your common interests.

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1.    RAVE & RELAX (nightlife, beach)

available in period: 1st of July – 15th September

great for: newlyweds, adventurous couple, off-the-beaten-path couple, couple looking for luxury

Start the day with a sumptuous breakfast with plenty of local delicacies at the Adriana, hvar spa hotel and then head to relax in a private stone cabana at the luxurious club Bonj 'les bains', featuring the ultimate French Riviera flair with its marble colonnades, cabana daybeds, nail studio and massage tents. If you wish to skip Hvar’s rocky beaches our dedicated Concierge will organize a private water taxi which will lead you to the already famous Pakleni islands with its iconic beach bars and secluded coves with unspoiled beaches. When you’re tired of the Vitamin D it is time to head back to Hvar City. The dining selection is as vast as the charming views, you can enjoy the authentic Mediterranean cuisine at the San Marco Venetian Terrace floating above the old town’s elegant 13th-century Venetian piazza, get a bite of world’s best meat cuts and experimental cuisine at the glamorous yacht deck terrace of Butchery & Wine Hvar restaurant, indulge in shrimp specialties at the hippest harbourfront terrace perfect for people watching at Riva’s BB Club or have a St. Tropez dinner feasting on Adriatic Specialties at the Bonj ‘les bains’ Colonnade fish restaurant.  is lined with restaurants where the grub is secondary to the people watching. A hint to make your evening even more special? Arrange with your Concierge a surprise dish in any of the above restaurants - best for wooing your sweetheart. What’s next? The island visited by Beyoncé and Jay-Z is perfect for the ones which are “Drunk in Love”, literally. The best bars are situated right in Hvar center and its vivid harbourfront promenade. If dancing the night away till 2 a.m. (this is the time when the City clubs close) is not enough for you, you can always welcome the sunrise at the Carpe Diem Beach Club on Stipanska island (the motorboat roundtrip transfer is organized by the club).

Perfect Packages: Amfora five days perfect gateway, Adriana Hedonism all the way

 2.       HIS & HERS HOLIDAYS (world class vineyards, Sensori spa)

available in period: 1st February – 15th December

great for: couples seeking a romantic escape, his & hers holidays, couple looking for luxury

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes it’s hard to keep that romantic flame burning. But a trip to Hvar and its enchanting neighboring islands is sure to help. The center of Hvar is entirely pedestrian which only ads a great charm and sets an ideal background for infinite romance and the best part of it – ladies you can finally refrain from wearing those sexy high heels and step in more comfortable chic shoes like the ones portrayed on those fancy Vogue shots with captivating turquoise sea in the background and vintage James Bond wooden boats. To add to the fantasy experience you can schedule a private VIP motorboat transfer and arrive in Mr & Mrs Smith style directly on the tide from Split Airport to your preferred Hvar hotel. You will be welcomed with a name tag at your arrival gate, the porter will pick up and arrange your luggage to be delivered directly to your room so you can entirely experience that fresh Adriatic breeze and admire carelessly the picturesque neighboring islands. Once in the hotel you will enjoy mesmerizing canvas views spreading from your hotel room since all of the 4* Suncani Hvar Hotels are located right on the crystal blue waters. Is there a better idea to test your feelings than separating for a short time? This is why you should arrange “His and Hers day”. For the Gentlemen we suggest to visit Hvar’s world class vineyards – the cradle of Zinfandel and Primitivo wines, while Ladies will be more than satisfied to be pampered at the island’s premiere Sensori Spa with Carita Paris facials and vast knowledge of local herbs active elements engaged into unique purifying and harmonizing treatments. Before turning in your room for a relaxing beauty sleep, the two of you can share the daily adventures with a pleasant glass of bourbon or elegant cocktail at rooftop lounge The Top bar while those who aspire to the charms of The Orient can relax with Arab Shisha.

Perfect Packages: Autumn holistic wine experience, Couple's hideaway in Adriana

3.    WILD & FREE (biking, hiking, sailing)

available in period: all year round except sailing from 1st March – 1st November

great for: couples seeking a romantic escape, his & hers holidays, adventurous couple, off-the-beaten-path couple

If the two of you met on a mountain peak or while waiting on your bike the traffic light to turn green, if you are the couple that would rather trade in plush daybeds and fruity cocktails for hiking shoes and energy drinks, there’s no argument that Hvar with its stoical beauty of indelible landscapes is the perfect destination. This Mediterranean jewel has everything from hiking, trekking, biking, climbing, diving, birdwatching to skydiving and sailing. All of those activities can be arranged year round with the Suncani Hvar Hotels Concierge except for sailing which greatly depends on optimal weather conditions which are ideal from March all the way to November. We suggest you to book a private sunset sailing during which you can whisper romantic words while indulging on champagne and strawberries or explore the Paklinski islands as captains of your own boat.  Small boats can be hired from the local fisherman in the center of town or along the coastline.  They are very affordable and often come with a cooled container for private picnics.

Perfect Packages: Riva, Discover Hvar on a bicycle, Sail away to Sunset, Couple`s biking adventure

4.    CULTURAL BEAT(sightseeing & gastronomy)

available in period: all year round

great for: couples seeking a romantic escape, off-the-beaten-path couple, newlywed couple on a budget

A typical couple might travel to Europe and visit Berlin, Venice or Paris but for the couple that wants anything but ordinary, a trip to Hvar is the answer. Especially in shoulder season (May & October) Hvar is a lesser-visited tourist destination so you can visit the City and its surroundings on your own terms while meeting expectations as a Mediterranean utopia. Hit the streets of the islands bustling city and spend your day basking in the sun surrounded by the rich Venetian heritage villas and take in the old fishing-village culture. In the center of Hvar town you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Benedictine nuns convent where they produce the unique agave lace or head to other UNESCO sites with the help of Suncani Hvar Hotels dedicated Concierge. You need a hint? Ask the Concierge how to see the whole UNESCO Stari Grad plain from Purkin Kuk hilltop and if you are lucky maybe there is also a barbecue or picnic organized in an agro-tourism nearby. For history buffs, the entertainment in Hvar is endless, during the summer months for all of those who seek a cultural immersion, the courtyard of Hvar’s Renaissance Franciscan monastery is the perfect place to attend a classical recital or UNESCO’s Klapa traditional a cappella singing.  Plus, the art scene is abundant with galleries and museums which host artifacts from the 16th century. For those who wish to extend their stay you can always plan to visit Vrboska village, often referred to as “Little Venice” because of its small bridges and postcard views…and do not forget to reserve your dinner to savor the frills of the local cuisine.

Perfect Packages: Riva hvar, Arts & Culture; Palace hvar, Flavors of Hvar

5.    FAMILY FUN (sea, sun, beaches & nature)

available in period: all year round

great for: couple and the kids, newlywed couple on a budget

Whether you want to make your kids a part of your anniversary experience or you simply can’t find a babysitter, there’s something for everyone on the paradise island of Hvar. This Mediterranean oasis meets non-stop beach adventure in its peak season. Get once-in-a-lifetime experiences while diving the Adriatic coral reefs, shoot down Amfora’s water slide in the close vicinity of Adriatic limpid waters or snorkel in one of the lagoons. Then mom and dad can take turns at the Spa and maybe even head over to the World Class vineyards. And if you wish to escape the crowded streets and air filled with smog, head to the enchanting island during spring time, the lavender fields are in bloom, the air is frisky and full of oxygen and you can learn and entertain your family with authentic walks immersed in Hvar’s nature with the help of a local guide which will introduce you in the richness of Hvar’s flora and fauna. You can as well arrange to stroll to Velo Grablje village visiting the St.Kuzma and Damian church where you will enjoy local traditional a cappella singing. Everyone will go home with a story to tell and a tan to show off.

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