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Tuesday, July 10 2018

Hvar Summer Festival - Featuring great performances in July!

July is here!

Keep in tune with some more fun this season, with fantastic performances and cultural events during the month in Hvar for the 57th annual Hvar Summer Festival. The list of performers and the different dates are listed below.

This festival is the longest-lasting festival on the Adriatic coast. During this period, the festival has featured renowned Croatian and international performers, offering musical and theatre performances to the people of Hvar and their guests in some of the most prominent location on island Hvar. The festival also pays special attention to the preservation of Croatia’s musical heritage, so it frequently features pieces written by famous Croatian composers, conductors and authors such as Dora Pejačević, Boris Papandopulo, Igor Kuljerić, Mladen Tarbuk, and Hvar’s own Sandro Zaninović and Dinko Fio.

Enjoy exceptional cultural events and music performances recognized both locally and internationally.

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