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Thursday, August 14 2014

Sensori Spa: Treat your skin to the very best while lounging over Hvar

Pamper yourself for your end of summer retreat getaway.  The prisitine beauty, vigorous sea and fragrant botanicals of Hvar will provide you the inspiration for these experiences. Sensori Spa is inspired by Hvar island’s authenticity, endless sunshine and overwhelming views to create the first full-service international spa in the Croatian islands’ most exclusive destination.

Lounge on fluffy cotton oversized pillows as you gaze on the beautiful rooftop terrace of the Sensori Spa situated at Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel 5th floor and experience luxury by trying one of the exclusive Sensori Spa facial treatments by Carita Paris Maison de Beaute professional face and body care. Discover their legendary products with 50 years of expertise.

The signature Carita firming and lifting almost two-hour facial is a delight from start to finish.

How can someone do things to your face for two hours? Well, things take time to exfoliate, and cleanse, and moisturize, and gel as a little mask, and in the meantime your therapist will be doing the other really important thing in a facial: some massage, of course.

“We are often asked at Sensori Spa about the definition of a spa: does it have to have water therapies, a pool, six acres of thermal facilities, or what? We often say that it simply has to provide a robe. A robe marks your leaving of the real world behind. You set aside your street clothes and enter the world of spa. At Sensori Spa, you do get a robe, a towelling one that wraps around you just under the arms, leaving your neck and shoulders free, as they are treated as part of your facial.” – says Senka Jurinic, Sensori Spa manager.

Once you get onto the comfortable treatment bed let our Spa professionals ease your stress and tension after a long day. In all Carita Paris Maison de Beaute facial treatments the therapist will examine your skin, diagnose where you need help and explain the course the treatment will take. Then he will apply the first of many unguents from the Carita Ideal Hydration range, which combines natural ingredients and botanical extracts with French pharmaceutical-industry standards, but all you really need to know is that each chosen product by your therapist does its job, and your job is to lie back and enjoy.

Just enjoy the twin combination of your skin being deeply cleansed and moisturized, and your tension being slowly unwound. The treatment is ended by manual massage with the use of Carita’s exclusive non-invasive, high-tech tool Ideal-Pro-Lift.

Afterwards, when your skin looks clean and clear, and feels supptle and smooth you can enjoy a relaxed lie-down on one of the comfortable lounge chairs situated at the roof top garden and escpae into the secluded realm of tranquility.

If you're visiting, don't miss out.

Try this treatment if: you want to look your best, and stay looking that way as long as possible.

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