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Tuesday, September 8 2015

UNESCO’s Ager Pharensis - a plain sustaining a healthy and organic lifestyle since 400 B.C.

From year to year the general consciousness of the majority of population stresses about healthy eating habits and more and more people are choosing a lifestyle based upon an organic diet focused on the provenience of the product and its organic growth. 

Looking for authenticity and supporting the fact that healthy diets promote health and quality of life for society at large, Sunčani Hvar Hotels has combined the extraordinary natural and historical resources of Hvar Island with its hotel offer to deliver to its guests a local authentic hotel experience. The UNESCO Stari Grad Plein (Ager Pharensis) here plays a major role.

"Did you know that Stari Grad Plain is the largest and most fertile field on the Adriatic islands, which is still kept for agricultural purposes without major contemporary construction which would endanger its original image?"

We do not want to serve typical hotel food and that’s a pretty unique thing. Teaming up with local businesses and enforcing the farm-to-table movement it’s just a great way to go beyond expectations of our guests and create a captive audience that’s very interested in local food.” – says Boris Lovrenčić, SHH Corporate F&B

In addition, The Stari Grad Plein Agency supported by UNESCO has unveiled the “Stari Grad Plein Produce Branding” project which helps more than 60 local agricultural producers to sell their produce easier, faster and for a more elevated price and in such a way preserve the plein.

At the end we want to share a recent, rather inspiring story which shows that Hvar inhabitants are not only focused on sustainability and preservation of their rich heritage but have also a great heart:

Mr. Damir Caric (68), one of the Ager Pharensis producers, has a noble initiative to share free of charge the fruits of his hard work with all of those who suffer from bad blood circulation and high cholesterol. The plant he intends to share is Aronia, its berries have the highest antioxidant capacity among berries and as such offer wonderful health benefits for those who want to improve their health through better nutrition. In previous years Mr. Carić had the same initiative with another very beneficial produce – the Asparagus.

Is this altruism a byproduct of the healthy Mediterranean Cuisine? Maybe, we’ll leave it to you to discover… 

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