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Thursday, December 21 2017

Donation ceremony held as part of SHH celebration!

Hvar, 20. December 2017. Sunčani Hvar, together with its seasonal and permanent employees, at hotel Pharos celebrated a very successful end of the season and continued sponsorship and donation activities which were directed to the children and youth of island of Hvar. In this way, we want to continue the tradition of sponsorship and donation within the local community and focus on the welfare and education of children, youth and children with special needs.

As a part of the celebration, many prizes and acknowledgments were given to employees for their hard work and dedication. In addition, Sunčani Hvar increased the number of charitable donations for children and the youth of Hvar. This year Sunčani Hvar supported all the children in clubs and associations of the city of Hvar who are engaged in sports and cultural activities.

This year, Sunčani Hvar continued cooperation with Football Club Hvar, Women's Handball Club Hvar and Association Perle; association for children and young people with the most severe physical disabilities and children with special needs.

For the first time Sunčani Hvar gave financial support to the School of Football Hvar with a total of 100 children for the purchase of new jerseys; Handball Club Hvar with a total of 60 children for the maintenance of sports facility "tennis", for new jerseys and traveling; Judo Club Hvar with a total of 40 children to enable them to further participate at the county, state and regional levels; Primary School Hvar, for smart boards to encourage contemporary teaching and interactive learning methods and lastly the Drama Studio Hvar to support their drama activities in the oldest municipal theater in Europe, the Hvar Theater.

The principal at the primary school in Hvar, Nada Jeličić stated: "It is an honor to thank you, Sunčani Hvar, on behalf of all donors for two reasons. Firstly, because you donated to the children… and we all know children are the future. And all of these mentioned achievements we have seen in the presentation today are not valid if we do not have a future. Secondly, Hvar is a small town and only together can we make improvements and make a better life in our community. Thank you once again!"

"Thank you in the name of "Perle " on the donation that will enable children with disabilities and special needs of the island of Hvar to continue neurofeedback therapy", thanked the Vice President of Perle, Luisa Franetović Prvinić.

The mayor of the town of Hvar, Rikardo Novak noted: "I am exceptionally pleased to see that Sunčani Hvar supports the local community and the children and youth of Hvar."

In her speech, the President of the Management Board of Sunčani Hvar, Ms. Gordana Tomičić, briefly pointed out: "With this celebration, Sunčani Hvar the touristic leader on the island, would firstly like to thank all our employees for making this a successful season and in addition send a strong message of the importance of mutual cooperation and the importance of supporting the youngest generation of Hvar.”


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