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Tuesday, April 15 2014

Culinary Escape Hvar away....

Local gastronomy is what defines a destination and makes it unique. They say you are what you eat. I remember traveling as a kid when McDonalds was not even a word in Croatian and I couldn't wait for a next family break abroad to have Big Mac or all those tasty milkshakes.

Now, couple od decades older and dare I say, much more sophisticated, I have learned to discover destination and its traditions trough culinary experience. And to me, a dedicated meat lover, moving to Hvar, a Mediterranean Island where fish and sea food is every day must have on a menu, was quite a challange. But my pacient local friends never gave up on me (and thank you!), and step by step they have revealed a new universe of delicaces. Hvarska gregada, a fish stew made out of finest cuts of fish or raw marinated shrimps now beat grilled meat in no time.

I am proud that Hvar still has truly local and organic food, with no fuss, made by traditional recepies and served with friendly, local touch- without trained phrases to boost sales or get a bigger tip. It is part of a culture to be an amazing host and deliver extraordinary experience of the island.

In April and May it is particulary challenging to prepare for bikini season. All restaurants are opening, ready to strut with their new recipes and spoil our taste buds with traditional delicacies. After Easter tradition grande fiesta will take place all over the town for Labor day, on the 1st of May. Again, food and wine, maybe even an afternoon swim.

On the 10th of May we will traditionally celebrate Hvar's patron saint, St. Prosper, and Dobar Kus gastro festival will bring entire town together. This event challenges all the local restaurants to apply and present themselves in the category they think they are the best - cold and hot appetizers, main dishes and deserts.

It always ends up on a friendly note, with traditional a capella singing and mingling with curious visitors from all over the world. And, eventhough I decleared my self as a new born fish lover,  let me finish with my favorite event of the spring - grand opening of a new and exclusive Butchery&Wine restaurant in hotel Adriana. Premium meat and wine mixed together for a culinary experience you will never forget. I hope I will see you there on the 16th of May!

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