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Wednesday, October 16 2013

Island vibe in fall- Love story about wine, food and family

Chatting with friendly locals on the streets of eastern to northern and far down to southern parts of Croatia  will bring up their unique love for the country and football. But there is also one great passion that is in common for all regions- their love for good, quality Croatian wines. While walking through the hills of Hrvatsko Zagorje or fields in Slavonija, cycling trough Istria or driving on your motorcycle down the coastline of Dalmatia, you can easily get lost in small, family owned vineyards.

Those little pieces of heaven in everyday reality have so many secrets to tell. Secrets about lost loves, failed and successful business plans, love-making experiences, intrigues, all covered up with great food, great new and old friends and of course- great wines. My grandfather used to spend hours, days and weeks in family owned vineyard alone, lost in his own „Grapeworld“. When I asked him what he was doing there all by himself, he told me:“ I talked and made jokes with every grape that I have as they will speak with me and make me laugh during the winter.“

And may I say- owning a small vineyard is a dream of almost every married man in Croatia. It is a place where you relax with your friends, where you come and enjoy the nature, do your cardio, spend quality time with your children and family. It is a place where you escape when fighting with your wife or when you just need some quiet time to think things trough. In their own vineyards no financial analysis makes any sense- hours of hard labor, money and time spend for a product they could easily buy for half of the resources invested.

Croatian love for vineyards and home made wines goes beyond any financial reasoning. It has been planted deep in the roots of a culture and became the way of life, the essence of Croatian lifestyle. As you may imagine, when so much love and attention has been given to a product it has to result in excellence. I am so proud that this core, Croatian passion is being recognised in the world and that there are more and more winemakers that have managed to turn their passion into a very successful business.

Finally this year, Suncani Hvar Hotels and City of Hvar are hosting 23rd International Wine Festival Sabatina, the oldest Croatian winemakers meeting. Sabatina will bring the leading winemakers from all Croatian wine regions and abroad together at Amfora, hvar grand beach resort.
Whether interested in professional trainings, tastings, wine exchange or new technology in production, visitors will surely have their expectations met. After couple of glasses and bottles of quality wines, delicious home made food, and new friendships made, a cappela traditional Dalmatian singing will fill out the room and melt heart of every visitor. You are always welcome in the home of wine, and Hvar's complimentary, heavenly view will just be a cherry on the top.

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