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Tuesday, November 5 2013

Suncani Hvar Hotels- Mind. Body. Green.

Sometimes I wonder how lucky I am to live on a Mediterranean island with mild climate that makes healthy lifestyle and food choices so easy and accessible. Can you imagine that going to work is a 15 min walk down the beach instead of traffic jam, cars, bus or subway? Maybe your company has a gym for employees to keep them healthy and active, but in Hvar we have olive fields, vineyards and a lot of wild fruits to pick as a stress relief.

In October and trough out November co-workers at Suncani Hvar Hotels rarely hit Happy Hour. It is a time when we catch-up out in the fresh air, picking olives that will become your Extra Virgin Olive oil through organic production. In these small bottles of our oil you can taste every ray of sunshine, drop of rain and love and fellowship put into it.

On the other hand, male side of the team is all about fishing right now (accept growing mustaches for Movember project). Who caught bigger fish, what is the trick, “the catch of a day” and how to prepare it. Of course that goes side by side with “rakija” production-a popular alcoholic beverage produced by distillation of fermented fruit. The island of Hvar is famous for grappa with the addition of Myrtus (mrtina — bitter and dark brown).

Organic food is one way of contributing to a sustainable future for both animals and humans and it tastes good. We want all our hotels to be able to offer you organic food and food that is produced in a healthy manner. We have come quite a long way in this respect, as it is not just our olive oil and rakija, but our jams, fruits and vegetables that we offer fresh and seasonal. And when you add up team work and aerobic activity as a bonus, we can proudly say we are one healthy company.

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