Suncani Hvar Hotels

Working conditions

Accommodation in Hvar - free of charge!

All our seasonal employees who are not from island of Hvar are provided accommodation in the hotel facilities Bodul and Galeb, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the beach and the city center. All the hotels and restaurants of Sunčani Hvar Hotels are also close to accommodation facilities.

Employees are offered double rooms in Bodul and Galeb, with each having its own bathroom and balcony.

When allocating accommodation, possible acquaintances and friendships are taken into account, as well as the type and nature of the work you do, in order to ensure your quality rest and relaxation after a working day.

During your stay in the Bodul and Galeb, we offer free laundry and drying services to all accommodation users.

Free Wi-Fi is provided on the terrace of hotel Bodul and televisions are provided in the social areas of both Bodul and Galeb.

Food on Hvar - free of charge!

In addition to accommodation, we provide all our seasonal employees with quality nutrition during the day.

For seasonal employees who are not from island Hvar, we provide three free hot meals a day, which are served in Bodul, or in the employee’s place of work during working hours. During the meal service at the Bodul, free juices and coffee is available.

One free hot meal per day is provided for local seasonal employees, served in the facility where the employee performs his work during working hours.

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