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Unique Traditional Gastronomic Encounters

Deep down, we are all “foodies” - or in other terms, “enthusiasts of food.” One of the most exciting aspects of traveling overseas is trying new exotic culinary dishes. Hvar is not only a relaxing island away from your busy city life, but they also offer extraordinary Dalmatian cuisine. Are you ready for a tasty adventure of good food (or spiza as the locals would say)? Fill your plate with Hvar's tastiest traditional delicacies and explore the island by its unique flavors.

The traditional Dalmatian Peka
Cooking in Peka means „slow cooking under the bell“, meats that are most commonly found under the peka are octopus, lamb and veal .

Hvar's famous Paprenjak
The traditional Paprenjak contains a unique mix of honey and black pepper and also has sugar syrup or honey, butter or fat, eggs, nuts, pepper and various spices such as clove, cinnamon and nutmeg in it.

Herb marinated goat's cheese in olive oil
The combination of fresh goat cheese, herbs and olive oil is absolutely addicting. It is most commonly served as an entree to build a solid ground for all the goodies that are yet to come to the table.

Wild cabbage salad
Very healthy and tasty organically grown wild cabbage which the leaves are fleshier and thicker than those of other cabbage species.

Gregada is a typical hvar dish of several kinds of fish, boiled with potatoes.

Pečicu na tečicu
A traditional dish made of fresh goat's cheese which is fried with sugar.

A juicy and thick egg and milk pudding.

This is a dessert consisting of meringue floating on vanilla custard.

Home-made "Prošek"
This is a delicious dessert wine similar to sherry and used as a digestive. Good prosek is produced and developed by passito method where grapes are being chilled in a barrel and left to boil until 15-16% vol. is achieved.

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