Suncani Hvar Hotels

Our health care services provide prompt dedicated health care to each of our guests during their stay with us. In these unprecedent times, it is most important for you and your close ones to feel safe when travelling abroad.

PCR and RAT (antigen) testing 

Please notify the front office of your hotel that you would like to take the test. Our appointed medical practitioner that is on call will handle the testing on site the next day in the morning. Results are ready in 24 hours.  
•    Organisation of PCR test – 600 HRK per person 
•    Organisation of RAT (antigen test) – 170 HRK per person 
The price of the test will be charged to your room. 

Assistance with health care specialists

In case of requiring medical advice or assistance to be examined by one of health care specialist, our team is at your disposal at all times. We can organize designated medical member to come at the hotel in utmost private surroundings. 

Covering the costs of your stay 

We will cover the costs of any persons infected with COVID-19 for up to seven days. Our team is here to make your stay comfortable and if required will relocate you to a appointed designated area at one of our hotels. This service is only applicable if booking is made through our official website  

SHH employees vaccinated or tested

As part of our commitment towards combatting COVID-19, all of our Sunčani Hvar employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or are periodically tested.



Legal disclaimer

SHH mediates in the provision of medical services provided by third parties. The provision of medical care is considered concluded between a third party and a guest and in that sense there is no responsibility of SHH for the execution of the provided service. The mediation service also includes the possibility of payment through SHH, but this does not include liability for the services provided.

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