Places to see

Places to see

This is one of world’s most beautiful island chains composed of 21 islands, islets, reefs and narrow passages. Today, many resort to visiting the archipelago to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Spend a day away from the crowded beaches, enjoy the sun in the serenity of hidden coves, swim in a clear-blue sea and relax in the untouched nature. It is easy to see why this lovely necklace of little islands that surrounds the city of Hvar is so special.

This little “stone” settlement is unique to Hvar island. It is located 350 m above sea level, 10 km from the city of Jelsa. It was originally a shepherd’s dwelling and over the ages was used as a temporary seasonal dwelling by the people of Vrisnik for agricultural work. Today it is an etno village with tourist attractions.

A charming old village, high above the sea, consisting of stone houses carved into the steep hillside, nestled together for better protection from dangers from the sea and making the best use of every inch of land for vines which produce excellent fruit and later wine.

Perhaps the award for the quietest island in all the Mediterranean goes to Šćedro – located just 30 minutes by boat from Hvar. Wander through the remains of an ancient Dominican monastery from the 15th century, discover the island's wild landscape, vineyards and olive groves and then hit the beach for an exhilarating swim!

On the south slopes of the island near Humac is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the Adriatic and Mediterranean, called Grapčeva Cave. The famous Hvar archeologist Dr. Grga Novak, discovered the remains of a cultic site belonging to the Neolithic inhabitants of the island from the Early Stone Age around 4000 BC.

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