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The Sensori experience takes a holistic wellness approach into your life by offering you experiences that will help you live healthier, look better and feel renewed not only during your stay at the lavish Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel but 365 days a year with the newly acquired knowledge about the balance of your mind, body and soul. Sensori celebrates the senses through a spa experience emphasizing all that a person can see, hear, feel, smell. 

Smell – The “Lavandula Croatica” or lavender is one of Hvar’s most famous products. Hvar has fields of lavender and their fragrance is a special experience, lavender essential oils are recommended for stress-relief and headaches. 

“Scents of Hvar” uses indigenous Hvar botanical essences and oils which are combined with the nurturing power of touch in this massage. Choose from a selection of specially blended oils to relax, invigorate and detoxify.  Just smell it, it’ll make you go “oooohhh.” 

Hear – At the Sensori Spa we understand that music is a very important element in our life. Ancient people used music in traditional activities of their cultures. In today’s modern world, we’re finding doctors and scientists using music to deal with various issues. At Sensori the music is calming and promotes a relaxation response.   

“Seaside rocks” melt away signs of tension and tightness from sore muscles. The skilled hands of our stone specialists knead and massage the body with these relaxing yet energizing stones.

See – When you go to a spa, you want to relax. The interior design of Sensori Spa combines the soothing colors, patterns and textures of raw materials as wood and marble and play with glass transparencies which together create a luxurious oasis that reflects peace and tranquility. In the summer months experience the Sensori O treatments at your private cabanas located near the beautiful crystal blue sea and pebble beaches only there for your eyes to see. 

“Aroma bath and body” takes place in the spectacular VIP spa suite where you can soak in an oversized bath with jets and blend of aromatic hvar bath salts. The salt softens your skin for hydration nourishment. The bath is followed by an one hour full body massage with the essential oil blend of your choice.

Feel – Feel the relaxation that you rarely experience from that massage that you greatly deserve. Touch has a profound effect on the psyche, helping it to deeply relax.

“Tense Release” uses a massage technique which focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the concerned areas.

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